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Fortnite Vs PUBG: Great War of Popularity

Both games The biggest market are continuing to race for the crown of online popularity

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Year 2017 Is a period that will be remembered in the world of gaming first and foremost in the game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Which pops out of nowhere and becomes a historic and hysterical success story in just a few months - but that doesn't mean it has no competitors blowing its neck and dreaming of taking its place as the hottest and most talked about thing in the field.

One of those pretentious competitors is Fortnite from Epic Games, or rather the free online game launched a few months after PUBG's arrival, Fortnite - growing at an incredible rate lately as a more polished and friendly alternative that includes the same refreshing and addictive style.

After announcing that 45 was one million players worldwide, Of Fortnite last month, came the big server crash - which became a kind of sweet-and-sour event for the creators, as it reached a record number of 3.4 million players trying to build on the servers and play at the same time.

Fortnite's free and competitive state of play is growing in popularity very quickly - so much so that the official servers didn't keep up and load

This huge statistic surpasses, technically, about 3.2 million players playing simultaneously on PUBG - an all-time record on the platform, As will be recalled. Fortnite is not based on But on the competitor's network platform And therefore does not circumvent it officially, but is this yet another demonstration of a situation in which the channel is over the creator? Yes and no.

Looking only at the publicly available data, Fortnite seems to have gained a higher number of registered players in general, and also a higher number of simultaneously active players - but it should be remembered that Fortnite's data in relation to access in parallel to the company's servers relate to both the state of The free Battle Royale and the paid base game, and versions available on PCs and PlayStation 4 and. This is compared to PUBG data which is a non-free game and within the Steam platform on personal computers only, without the addition of players who enjoy the games after its release to the consoles At the end of last year.

PUBG owes at least some of its super success to its collaboration with Tencent that helped make it huge in China - and we may see a similar onslaught this year at Fortnite

If we had data for PUBG from the console version - it might be that the snapshot was suddenly reversed and the number of simultaneous players of the title would have risen above Fortnite, but we currently do not have access to those numbers. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the big leap forward only PUBG registered after its official launch in China, while Fortnite is still in preparation and preparation for landing in the giant state - with behind it leverage from local giant Tencent, which acquired 40 percent of Epic Games about half a decade ago. In other words, the state of Fortnite has the potential to multiply its numerical data in the not-too-distant future, thanks to fast-growing markets in the Far East.

It is possible to continue looking for many more points of interest in the data and statistics we have, but ultimately we can not avoid the conclusion that we are dealing here with two very large success stories, each with its own approach and method, which make a lot of happiness for their creators and apparently also for the players who continue to play despite complaints Such as fraud, technical limitations, and so forth. Which of them will be the winner of the year 2018? We'll see.

There are other mega-popular games like Overwatch that we have no information on the maximum number of players it has won at the same time - so at this point it's pretty hard to decide who is the biggest action game on the market

Do you belong to the PUGB camp, Fortnite camp - or camp they are tired of hearing about In all its configurations? Let's tell in comments.

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