The Bizarre Parade: Battlefield vs. Call of Duty

The two major military games of 2018 were officially unveiled - and they are not exactly what we expected to see

The announcement of the new game of Battlefield, a reconstruction of the chronological line we knew before Battlefield 1 came with the name Battlefield V, May have surprised no one in its timing - but certainly managed to surprise everyone with its content, and not necessarily in the positive sense of the word.

After Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was presented as a game that completely waives the single-player campaign for online game modes combined with a plot, a time-traveling collaborative campaign starring the zombies and a Battle Royale that looks like Provided us another year from 2000, reached the mast of And DICE to present their programs - and they do include game mode even for those who do not want to connect to the network, but is one that is fundamentally different from what we have been accustomed to seeing from the brand throughout its existence.

The usual Black Ops 4 online play modes certainly feel like something familiar - but it is worth remembering that they are replacing the basic elemental core of the game for the first time

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Battlefield V will bring us back to World War II for the first time since But it will be a somewhat different version of it, with a dominant representation of women and weapons and a look that does not really match the relative realism we were accustomed to seeing in this series - when quite naturally many old fans were quick to voice their opposition to changes in a loud voice.

The beloved zombies of a born a decade ago come back, and it is wilder and more diverse than anything we've ever experienced

The great news of the game will be a promise to cancel the DLC content paid - the game will receive free updates sequentially for more than a year without the need for additional fee, with the alternative business approach will be offers real money purchase of different cosmetic items for the characters produced by the players.

We have not yet received real gameplay from V as those of Black Ops IV, but the exposure trailer leads to equal distribution among consumers - exactly half like the result, while half oppose it decisively

It is hard to argue with the statement that these two series of games, both Call of Duty and , Can benefit from refreshing and renewing their familiar style and formulas - but are sudden and dramatic changes in gameplay and appearance the right choice? Probably the answer we can only look at the sales data of the pair.

A woman with a prosthesis instead of a hand as the leading figure in the game about World War II is definitely an unexpected choice

Black Ops 4 will be launched worldwide on 12 in October for PCs and PlayStation 4 consoles and, Whereas V will be launched exactly the same week for those platforms. So who is your favorite in this battle, if at all?