Battlefield V developers attack: do not like the new approach? Do not buy

The creators of the new game in the famous action series find it difficult to contain the repeated complaints about the political correctness

Every new chapter in the series Tends to generate great interest among the players, but that of V is not necessarily positive, in a large number of cases - and it all began with the original exposure trailer presented by frontline women during World War II.

From the exposure to the present, fans of the action series continue to present divided opinions, some accepting change as part of the development and modernization of the brand, while others mourn the damage to realism and authenticity of the series (which has been far from consistent throughout its existence).

Wives and mechanical prostheses are the root of the controversy for the new chapter - but is a series focused on fictional conflicts in the near future and in the distant future really needed to be measured by its realism?

To DICE studio personnel responsible for The game is a little tired of all the commotion, it seems - and one of its leaders simply stated that all those who do not have the ability to shape a personal figure of both sexes and a variety of races can simply not purchase the title for him. Definitely not something you hear often from great and established game makers.

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At the same time, also sub-popular radiator series Have decided to completely ban discussions that refer to realism (or absence) V and the rest of the brand titles, for the time being, in the context of a claim of massive intervention by external elements of the community with a built-in agenda that spurs harmful behavior - so it seems that all the parties in the equation are still very loaded on this issue, and not just the developers themselves.

The game is expected to provide quite a few significant changes in its gameplay - but in the meantime it seems that they are getting secondary weight, which is a pity

God- The new one will be launched at 19 in October, in just under four months - and then we will be able to discover whether the controversies it created eventually helped him stay in the headlines for a long time and succeed, or rather smuggled out too many players who just wanted to enjoy without being dragged into endless debates about limits of propriety Political in the modern era. What do you think? Let's tell in comments.