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Get addicted without paying: 10 great free games you should know

In today's free gaming world, it's really not a bad word, and the titles in this article will prove to you that sometimes they can be even better than the ones you'll be paid for.

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If only a decade ago the selection of free games worth equal to paid games was relatively limited, so today, mainly thanks to the Free2Play model, it is quite simple to find free quality games, some of which can even cause you to burn them several times more than regular games. So without any unnecessary introductions, today we will review ten games that do not require a payment that you should definitely check.

Team Fortress 2

We'll start with one of the most famous free games, which has kept its popularity for about nine years, but I'm going to mention it anyway just to get it off the table. Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer first-person shooter game Where you join a team of players competing in a rival team in a number of different game modes, some as classic as "grab the flag" and some more original ones.

There are several roles to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages that change the gameplay and strategy of your gameplay. It's one of those games you can burn for dozens of hours, and you never get tired of it.

Black Mesa

Have you ever dreamed of playing remake for Half-life? So a group of indie developers and series fans did just that - create a remake of Life Life, with their own additions and modifications based on the 2 Half-life engine. You can download the mod completely free of charge from the project site, but if you are interested in the latest and latest version - you will already have to purchase it through , Where the game is currently in the early access phase for twenty dollars.

Dota 2, League of legends, Heroes of the Storm, Smite

The MOBA gaming genre has become a popular writer in recent years, having also changed the face of e-sports and has managed to get thousands of viewers to watch some of their finals. The four biggest games in the field all follow the same idea - a group of five people vying for a five-team counter on a three-lane map, the goal being to reach the opponent's base and destroy it. Each game has a selection of dozens of characters, each with its own unique gameplay. But even though the base is the same, each game takes it in a different direction.

Dota 2 Is the spiritual sequel to the original Veracraft style that created the genre, and it is the most challenging of the other games for learning and acting.

League of Legends Is the most popular of all the games of the quintessence, and it is easier to enter it but to specialize in it is another story. Apart from the traditional map, you can find a few other game modes like ARAM, a one-lane map for fun games with fast action.

Heroes of the Storm Is the newest game in the genre and comes from home , Their approach slightly different. Each game starts with a random map that has different side goals. In addition, the gameplay is much faster and puts you into action from the first few minutes, and built in such a way that makes the game a lot more group. The full review you can see here.

Smite It is a slightly different creature. This is a clear game, but one in which you play your character from a third body of the character, and not from the top view, so that the gameplay feels completely different.

Once you understand which of the four speaks to you more, be warned - this is one of the most addictive game styles.



And another game that can cause you severe addiction, mainly because of the fact that besides the computer, it can also be downloaded to your tablet and smartphone is Hearthstone, a card game from Blizzard. Unlike regular card games, you also control one of several possible characters, which has additional abilities and the cards you can use will usually be unique to it.

The game is also very easy to learn for people who have never played card games and the more you play the more cards you can open, build more complex decks and try different game styles. You can play against the computer or against random people on the Internet. The full review of the game you can see here, just take into account that it is not completely updated.

Path of Exile

If you are a fan of action games in the Diablo style, Path of Exile is a game that you will no doubt connect with immediately. It takes quite a bit of inspiration from the 2, but the skill system is much more complex and allows almost complete cosmetization of your character, so your game will feel completely different from a friend's game.

The game is so invested that if you were not told otherwise, you probably would not guess it does not cost a dime. Path of Exile keeps up to date and improves on every update, and has recently received even a whole new chapter to the game. The full review you can see here.

Path of Exile
Path of Exile


Although it seems that in recent years rhythm games have been somewhat lost from their glory, if there is a game still alive and kicking is Osu, based on a successful Nintendo DS game called Ouendan. During each song you will see rhythm on the screen that you will need to click in order, which is really not as simple as it sounds. R.

The death of the high difficulty is already completely insane and requires near-inhuman coordination and response speed. Besides the regular game mode, there are several other stages like the one based on the Japanese arcade game Taiko and another one that is reminiscent of Beatmania. The game itself comes with three melodies, but on their site you can download hundreds of songs and melodies that other players of the game have created.

The Expendabros

Based games They are usually a recipe for trouble, but The Expendabros is actually quite a likable game and is even totally free. As a movie marketing and comes as an independent installation that does not require the original game.

The goal at The Expendabros is to save your friends by kissing your way through the various stages with a tool And different abilities to help you. And if you finish the game and want more, you can always buy Broforce.

The Expendabros
The Expendabros

World of Tanks

If you enjoy war games and strategists in your spare time, World of Tanks is a game A multiplayer action-packed multiplayer strategy that you should definitely check out. In the game you will control a tank, well that's pretty clear away game, and you'll have to cooperate with other players to defeat a rival team of players, which means destroying everyone or their base.

The game has quite a few types of tanks and other heavy tools, you can upgrade in all kinds of ways as you play more, and of course their money they give you the possibility to accelerate the process with cash from the real world.


You always wanted to play Super Smash but do not have a Nintendo console? So now you can play in Brawlhalla, a two-dimensional style game, with original characters and a selection of game modes. You can play against the computer, against friends or people from around the world.

Dozens of different characters in each game play a different form. And despite the cute and cute style, don't underestimate it - it's an easy game to play, but not simply to be really good at it.

Planetside 2

One of the most free and invested games ever released, PlanetSide 2 is a multiplayer shooting game, with huge battles that can include up to two thousand players.

When you start playing you will have to choose to join one of three different empires for each of its advantages and then choose a class to simulate out of six possible classics. You'll need to cooperate with other players and coordinate attacks that include battles from land and tanks Land and air.

Planetside 2
Planetside 2

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  1. For path of exile: A game that is easy to connect to if you can get used to designing and connecting maps. I'm an 3 player, for example, and I can not get used to the horrible, annoying map design. I definitely get the urge to try and keep playing. There is a huge potential game and the fact that it is free and at a high level is a huge ambition for the developers, but there are some very uncomfortable things that make the urge to continue trying. I really wanted to move from DIBLOBO 3 to POE. Unfortunately, it will never happen.

  2. Too bad you never added the game NeverWinter, free, impressive graphics .. Action and plot, and there are even PVP and DUNGEONS games etc ... Try the game you will indulge and most importantly, have fun. : D

  3. TRENDES ACCEND A game of quadrionation and physics and the most insane predictive ability there is.
    The game where the BF4 cry .. not even in the pocket ... .. in the underwear.
    Anyone who knows and has ever managed to gain control as in a video ...... understands the meaning of the code of life

  4. Heroes Of The Storm
    I said I will download because I once played DOTA a bit and interested me what BLIZZARD offer (I love everything that barks to BLIZZARD)
    I became addicted and it has already become a drug for me, must play at least one game a day like some daily dose :)
    At first, it is easier for those who have played in this style, but the higher the levels are, the more I like. The RANKED PLAY from LVL 30 has rated games and the most interesting name is that each character can be chosen according to the map (some characters are better on different maps).

    The best free game I've seen in recent times.

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