4 is bigger than the previous one and is designed to play with friends: Meet Fallout 76

The new game, named after a few weeks ago, promises to offer a post-apocalyptic world with refreshing style and approach

Prepare: Fallout returns at the end of the year, and big. The biggest announcement of For 2018, alongside the new Rage 2, it was the fallout 76 - a new action-action game from the studio that developed the Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, which will try to offer a different approach and style than the ones we have been accustomed to getting from the brand since 2007.

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The Fallout 76 will offer a plot that takes place in 2102, earlier than any other Fallout series to date, and only 25 years after the deadly nuclear war that destroyed most of the civilization in the United States, when the first survivors begin to emerge from the underground bunkers.

Fallout with greater emphasis on action and action - and cooperation with others

The game will focus on online collaboration between players in groups of up to four, in a series that to date has focused almost exclusively on single player experiences - and moreover it will include a minimal number of human characters dominated by the game and with which to communicate, Blood "that will be found within that dedicated server, and between mutations, monsters and other dangerous enemies that will circulate to them in an area that will be particularly massive.

Servers with dozens or hundreds of players and a requirement to connect to the network at any time are very reminiscent of the base used in Destiny games

The Fallout 76 will also be available for the game as a single player who does not want or need other players' company to deal with the radioactive wilderness of Virginia - but all players must have a permanent connection to the Internet and its servers To play, to the dismay of all those who do not really like the controversial approach. In terms of the fight against hacking and pirate distribution, this is a positive change - but much less positive in terms of flexibility for the players themselves.

The new chapter is based on the same creation engine that we've seen on Fallout 4 (and Skyrim before), and is designed to reach Sony's personal computers and consoles In 14 in November 2018. Another success story forOr is it not? Let's tell what you think about the reactions.