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The Great Gospel: The Elder Scrolls 6, the heir to Skyrim, was first exposed

The Elder Scrolls 6 is real and under development - but will only come somewhere in the future, after another mysterious new game

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The Bethesda press conference, quickly becoming one of the most prominent and important distributors in the entire gaming market, was full of new titles as part of well-known brands: the new online Fallout World title, The successful 2016, a spin-off cooperative for Wolfenstein and even a mobile version of The Elder Scrolls series that managed to leave a positive impression. Alongside all of this, we also won the much-awaited announcement of a game that will be the first brand new in 25 years (!) For the company - Starfield.

The name of the interstellar role-playing game has been circulating over the Internet for more than five years, ever since it was asked Register it as its trademark alongside Fallout 4, but it's only now that the company has decided it's time to publicly and officially announce its existence - and this, too, via a short teaser video that doesn't really reveal anything to us, except that the game will take us into deep space and to other stars, As a significant contrast to everything we've seen and experienced in Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

Although it's been two and a half years since the latest "real" game of the renowned development studio of - Starfield seems to be still a long time from launch, with the end of 2019 being probably the earliest date we can hope to see this mysterious piece in stores.

If you thought that this is where the surprises of Todd Howard and his people ended up, think again - in the final moments of the press conference, we also received a confirmation and premiere teaser for the next game in the biggest role series of all (and forgive us The Witcher). To receive the requested name The Elder Scrolls 6, probably with some subtitle that will be revealed somewhere in the future. This game will be launched only after Starfield, so despite the official approval it seems that we have at least another two full years of waiting, and probably more than that.

Hey - at least that's some small advance in the right direction.

Excited, or not really? Let's share your comments!

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