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Do not miss: Destiny 2 is free for a limited time

The popular online action game wants to dramatically increase its community in In the second year of existence, it seems - and granted completely free and forever over the next two weeks for all those who want it

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Not everyone liked Destiny 2 when it was officially launched just over a year ago for the Microsoft and Sony consoles, And two months later to PC for the first time - There have been allegations that he is not rebuilding almost anything in relation to his predecessor and even declarations that he is less than the original Destiny and in effect eradicates the solid foundation on which he was created.

The Bungie developer continued to make significant efforts in developing the sequel with additions and updates, eventually appearing to find a significant target audience that accepts and loves the piece as much as it does without focusing too much on comparisons - and that audience may grow significantly now that the company is deciding quite surprisingly Give the Destiny 2 base package free of charge to everyone.

A positive way to definitely celebrate a birthday to a video game

Any user with an account in the (or Blizzard Store) service can now Add Destiny 2 to its virtual library at no charge Until November 18, then download, install and play with others whenever they want - though at this point it should be noted that the product will not give him access to all game content, as the latest add-on package Forsaken (which also includes the previous content packages Warmind and Curse of Osiris) sold separately at an official price of 40 Euro or 40 Dollar includes many changes and additions that will not be available to "free" players.

Anyway, this is a very interesting proposition that will allow many more players to experiment unlimited on Destiny 2 - and then come to a conclusion whether they want to spend the full amount of the experience or are satisfied with what they have. At Bungie and at Activision- It is hoped that the move will spur more and more consumers to buy Forsaken, as well as the virtual currency through which the various purchases and transactions within the game universe and the Annual Pass package will provide access to three more content packages planned to reach the second birthday of the title in 2019.

Creators will have ample opportunities to earn players at their own expense even when the base content is free - and you won't be surprised to find that what starts out as a limited-time distribution will be determined later - when everyone can access the basic Destiny 2

Have you played with Destiny 2? Planning to play it thanks to the current deal? Let's talk about it in reactions!


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  1. Thanks. Let's try, what can be lost except for a few hours ...
    Can anyone have an opinion on the game and other additions?

    1. The game itself is great but it's over and done very quickly and then they start demanding your credit for expansion packages.

      1. Thanks. I've already installed and will try to see if I connect.
        Is it a fun game to play solo or just with friends?

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