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Black Friday 2019 also in the gaming world: concentrate on promotions

Please note: All major digital gaming stores are joining the shopping celebration

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Why settle for hardware or gadget shopping when you can also enrich your gaming library? All popular stores cracked down on promotions Their own (sometimes under a different name - though you can't deny the timing), and we're here to concentrate and tell you all about it.

In the store of They began their fall offerings a few days ago, and will continue until the beginning of next week with a combination of a call for millions of players registered to vote for their favorites for next year's traditional platform awards - so after choosing the pieces you love on 2019, you'll enjoy dozens of deals Percentages for hundreds of prominent titles.

Extremely great deals can be found for Civilization 6, the Resident Evil 2 remake that comes in at a third less than a year ago, the Devil May Cry 5 which is also available at a third price, Fallout 4 in both the base and full Game of the Year versions, Total War: Warhammer 2, the latest reboot version of Hitman 2 - plus first-of-its-kind discounts for GreedFall, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Code Vein.

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Click here to go to the voting page for the Steam Games Awards

Black Freddy Deals at a file-free store of We promise over 2,000 deals on classic and new titles with discounts of up to 90 percent off the original price - and if you go inside you can find the new indie hit Disco Elysium acclaimed from every corner of the net with the discount, stealth title and horror A Plague Tale: Innocence The price, the immortal Heroes of Might and Magic series games at great discounts, the package that includes remake versions of the classic platform games Lion King and Aladdin at a third price, and even the Darksiders Genesis that has yet to be launched with a discount of 15 percent for the price.

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The Epic Store is also gearing up for its discounts, finally, with some interesting offers available until Monday: Red Dead Redemption 2 at a slight discount, just before its temporary exclusivity is officially launched on, A discount of 33 percent for the successful Borderlands 3 discount, half the price for Metro: Exodus, a quarter price discount for The Outer Worlds - and much less impressive discounts for a variety of smaller games offered completely free over the past few months as part of the venture You all over again.

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EA Games boasts up to 75 discounts on the price of its games in its Black Friday sales, as well as fresh creations such as FIFA 20, Madden NFL 20 and Need for Speed ​​Heat taking part in the celebration with 40 Euro prices each instead of 60 Euros. In addition, you can purchase Anthem for only € 12, the V at 16 Euros, Battlefront 2 at 9 Euros, Burnout Paradise Remastered at 10 Euros - and many classic titles from previous years cost only 2.5 Euros each.

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Dozens of larger and lesser deals are also available at the company's personal store , Including promotions Even bigger ones that change every few hours. You can purchase The Complete Gold Package by The Crew 2 at 22.5 Euro, the complete Gold Package by Assassin's Creed Origins at 27 Euro, the full full package of Assassin's Creed Odyssey at 40 Euro, a complete package of Might and Magic Heroes 7 Its in 4.5 euros, whole packages of 5 and the spin-off / sequel episode New Dawn together for 36 Euro and more.

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A couple of other third-party stores whose offerings are worth a look before deciding on where to buy are Green Man And Humble Store, which provide serial numbers to run for the other services we wrote in the previous paragraphs in this article. Good shopping!

Click here to go to the full Green Man Gaming promotional page

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