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Blizzard's classics go free

The original Warcraft game joins Diablo - and officially launched at the File-less protection

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Blizzard's works have been available for years in digital form only on the platform, or Shop in its modern, personal name - which meant that old titles like Diablo or Warcraft that weren't available in this online store were not available at all, to the dismay of nostalgia enthusiasts. To our delight, here is the online store To the picture.

A few weeks ago, it was the original Diablo, the game with which the platform was originally launched somewhere in 1996 and which spawned its own new action-role genre that exists and continues to evolve today - Restore to the network in a modern version without file protections And is adapted for operation in modern operating systems, all within the framework of the digital store created by the Polish development studio responsible for the Witcher games.

After the rebirth of the first Diablo - there is also a contributor to the strategy games that helped the genre advance to its great glory days

Now, GOG and Blizzard's collaboration continues to expand with the official launch of both Warcraft and 2 in free versions - A pair of real-time strategy games that were considered revolutionary for their era and manage to retain significant relevance even today.

The original Warcraft certainly betrays the fact of being 25 - even in the modern version

The updated game includes built-in support for 7, 8.1 and 10 windows systems, support for cloud syncing across multiple computers, support for online gaming modes and a variety of small improvements designed to make control and experience more modern and convenient - with 6 dollar price tags for Warcraft: Orcs and Humans And 10 dollars for Warcraft 2: Edition Which includes Tides of Darkness and the Beyond the Dark Portal expansion pack.

Warcraft 2 looks much better, to our delight

Together with the remake of StarCraft launched last year and the upcoming Warcraft 3 coming soon, the 1990s children now seem to have a chance to relive Blizzard's best hits - and we're left to wonder if there's a chance we will see a launch on Also the products are slightly less popular than the company, such as the Lost Vikings games or Blackthorne-platform action game for example.


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