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Bombing Twitter: Half-Life is officially back - a virtual reality version

Company Confirmed rumors about a new game in her mythological series that will focus on the character of Alix Vance - and will be revealed in a few days

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For years, fans longed for the Half-Life series comeback, whose development stopped midway years ago with a slew of open-ended frameworks in Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - but not sure anyone was expecting it: Back to the center stage as a leading spin-off title and eyewear .

Rumors that swept the net over the past day have become a reality Announcing on Twitter On behalf of one of Valve's official and verified accounts, the owner of the platform - The Half-Life game: True Alyx, is the company's flagship in VR, and will officially be unveiled on Thursday the 21 in November. Two days after the original Half-Life celebrates its 21 birthday - today (Tuesday, November 19), so both dates are somewhat symbolic: the first anniversary announcement, and a month-long 21 reveal that marks 21's long and successful years On And about the gaming industry All since Gordon Freeman started.

An unexpected development for one of the most popular and popular action games of all time - what does all this mean about our chances of ever seeing Half-Life 3 ever?

We don't know any real details yet about the game-play expected in Half-Life: Alyx, but it seems like a logical development for Valve after launching Index Virtual Reality Glasses earlier this year - the company undoubtedly believes virtual reality as the next major medium of the field Gaming, and wants to make sure that the Steam platform remains at the center of interest for this area, too, despite its competitors and- Develop and maintain their own digital stores.

It is reasonable to believe that Half-Life: Alyx will support not only the Index Goggles but also the Goggles And Oculus - the goal is to create exclusive top virtual reality magazines for, But not exclusive to specific hardware

Expect us for more updates in the coming days!

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