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Gaming - For the benefit of Australia's firefighters

New venture Is one that is impossible to ignore - a stack of titles worth more than $ 400 will cost you only $ 25, and all proceeds will be passed on to charities

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We love to tell and recommend you free titles or titles that are sold for a fraction of their regular price here on the site - but this time it seems to be more than just a lucrative and successful deal, but an original and interesting way to raise funds for those who need it.

On the Launched Humble Australia Fire Relief Bundle - with 29 games Various will be yours for a starting fee of only $ 25 (only about NIS 3 for each, with some being sold 10 times as high as normal), which will be fully transferred to four charities now aiming to help save humans and animals affected by the huge wildfires in Australia For more than six months, the deaths of 30 people and tens of millions of animals have been killed.

Want to help Australians and don't really know how? This can be a good starting point

If you decide to spend about NIS 90 (or more, according to your personal preference) for the game package, you can choose to divide the amount between the World Wildlife Fund, the Australian Red Cross and the WIRES and RSPCA organizations - with brief explanations on the venture page Of each one to help you make a decision.

Hand of Fate 2

Prominent games in the package include quite a few of those created by Australian developers who joined the cause, but also from other countries of course - the title of Armello, the unique role-playing game Hand of Fate 2, the successful Euro Truck Simulator 2 driving game, the Duck Game platform games And Hollow Knight and the tactical action game in Satellite Reign are just part of the list, so it's likely that everyone will be able to find something of interest to them in diversity.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

This game pack will be available for another two days, until Thursday evening, January 23 - with more than $ 1.4 million being raised so far thanks to acquisitions made by over 50,000 gaming enthusiasts across the network. Planning to join them and donate? Let's share in the comments.

Hollow Knight

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updating: Another package of games in the venture currently offered will allow you to enjoy seven very relaxing and enjoyable games - for a total price of only $ 10, less than NIS 40 including the expected conversion fee.

For this fee you will have access to MagiCat, Evergarden, Niche - a genetics survival game, Equilinox, Ultimate Chicken Race, Samorost 3 and the great indie hit Stardew Valley - all available for systems And for MacOS systems, with five of the list also available for systems .

Digital catharsis before you - cheap basil

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2 Update: Another game pack is available at a very competitive price right now - the deep and addictive Europa Universalis 4 strategy game is available in conjunction with another 6 ridiculous DLC packs for one dollar. Want the game together with no less than 17 added content (out of over 40 existing, worth noting) official created for it? You can get this for a fee of $ 17, with the entire amount you can choose to transfer to the World Wildlife Fund or the Wikimedia Foundation of your choice.

Definitely worth it, even if you don't consider yourself addicted to such grandiose historical games.

A package similar to the one offered here for $ 17, or about $ 60, costs hundreds of dollars in Steam's

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