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Caution: addictive strategy games at a very good price

Pack Treya provides a collection of quality titles from the Paradox Interactive distributor for a few dozen shekels

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Not only are games distributed free of charge It's a good reason to come in for a short visit to the Humble Bundle - there's also a specially priced and lucrative game package waiting for you there for the next 10 days, With eight titles by Paradox Interactive, With a total official value of more than 200 USD.

A one-dollar fee will give you access to three games: Cities in Motion 2, title of action-roles that are fun to play with friends Magicka 2 and the Majesty 2 strategy game in its full version with three expansion packs.

Magicka 2

A $ 7.35 payment, or 28 for new shekels, will provide four more titles for your library than the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph: Crusader Kings 2 strategy title and its DLC, The Old Gods, the classic role-playing game Pillars of Eternity and the historic strategy games Hearts of Iron 3 and Europa Universalis 3, both in complete versions.

Crusader Kings 2

For dessert a $ 12 payment dessert, about NIS 42, will add an eighth and final game to the collection - the title of Stellaris' vast space strategy, launched about a year and a half ago.


All games are available through the platform And six of them are available for MacOS X-based systems, while five of them are available for various Linux distributions that drive the WALAV infrastructure. Absolutely worth, almost everyone and almost all - So don't miss this deal.


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