Watch: First taste of the SourceVNUMX engine

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About two weeks ago, one of the most talked about and sought-after announcements in the world of gaming, When Valav finally confirmed the existence of the Source 2 engineWhatever free And will be the key to establishing the SteamOS vision.

Despite the great importance that this declaration may have in the future, no exposure was presented at the time of the exposure itself Or videos of the new engine in action - at least not for web surfers. Nevertheless, we are now beginning to get first visualizations, from materials presented to developers at the GDC convention at the time of the declaration itself.

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In the meantime there are only two (And a documentation video) Non-professional) from the demo called Aperture created by Wallav based on the Source 2, but also slightly existing can see a fairly impressive visual detail that illustrates well the potential and potential here. It remains to be hoped that we will see first real products that take advantage of Gabe Newell's technology and his friends soon.

A formal confirmation from Twitter that the demo it presented was indeed based on the new Source 2 engine
Official authentication from The fact that the demo was presented by WALAV is indeed based on the new Source 2 engine