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Classic games and new games at great discounts: Online gaming deals

The GOG store celebrates its 11 birthday, the store's Enjoy another discount weekend - and Offers you another free game, as is the tradition

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Again we are here to keep you updated with the most interesting gaming offerings in the gaming world - this time with the addition of some fine past titles that can be yours in versions without any file protections.

Store The beloved Polish celebrates 11 years of existence and does so in the only proper way for a platform that specializes in selling games - with juicy discounts on select products.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Mufti in his complete Game of the Year version Comes to a price level of only 15 dollars, instead of 50 dollars these days.

Legendary Heroes of Might and Magic 3 in its full version Offered at only 2.5 dollars, as well The full and full version of Heroes of Might and Magic 4. Will you Complete package of Heroes of Might and Magic 5? No problem, it'll cost you $ 20.

Heroes of Might and Magic 5

The duo of the best strategy and management games from the past, Dungeon Keeper and-Dungeon Keeper 2, Are offered at a tiny price of 1.5 dollars each.

Dungeon Keeper 2

The full and full version of the acclaimed role play Divinity: Original Sin 2 Available at a discounted price of 27 dollars - a must for anyone who has not yet experienced this piece.

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In the Steam store you can try the next two days in the online historical action game Battalion 1944 - and buy it at half its price (NIS 34.5) if you decide that you liked what you saw and experienced.

Battalion 1944

The full version of the grandiose civilization strategy game 5 Sold for NIS 126.71, while The extended Platinum version of the latest Civilization 6 brand With a pair of expansion packs and six other DLC content packages available at a cost of NIS 174.83.

Sid Meier's Civilization 6

The challenging and special role-playing game Outward Available at a discount of 40 percent of its original price, NIS 89.97.

Devil May Cry 5 The great is offered at a discount of one third of its original price, NIS 189.42 - with a free bonus of the 100,000 Red Orbs used to purchase game upgrades and items. also Devil May Cry 4 Remake and Enhanced Special Edition Offered - NIS 48.

The quality stealth game Aragami Available for only NIS 18.41, for a complete package along with its DLC extension.


Just Cause series games with significant assumptions: Just XXL version of Just Cause 3 Can be yours for a tiny price of NIS 15.93 - and next to it Just Cause 4 Gold Edition Complete Presented last year for NIS 111.8.

The title of the successful and successful platform Cuphead Enjoy a discount of 20 percent of its full price - NIS 59.16, instead of NIS 74 most often.

The latest and refreshing strategy game Dawn of Man He also enjoys a slight discount - the price of NIS 69.71, instead of NIS 93.

Dawn of Man

The addictive role-playing game Grim Dawn Significant discounts now - NIS 23.23 cost tag for the title base package and additional discounts of between 20 and 30 percent for its high quality DLC content, with its large expansion packs Ashes of Malmouth and-Forgotten Gods Sold for NIS 46.86 and NIS 47.16 respectively.

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For dessert, in the Epic Store you can get the special retro indie game Minit Free, instead of the standard $ 10 platform price - a title launched last year and a great success thanks to a genius concept that gives only one minute at a time, with the obligation to build on previous knowledge you have accumulated to move forward a little more at a time.

Next week, the free division of the store will be for the Surviving Mars strategy and management title, also launched just over a year ago.

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