New Point: Two Point Hospital is the successor to the HWzone Theme Hospital

New Classic: Two Point Hospital is the heir to The Theme Hospital

Meet the game that hopes to be a spiritual successor to the title of humorous simulation of the nineties

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Somewhere in 1997, when the most famous simulation writers around were still SimCity series and provided a rather serious style and approach - emerged into the legendary Bullfrog Studio's Theme Hospital game world - and provided easier access than ever before to the management genre (along with Dungeon Keeper arriving several months ago Followed), with a hospital full of strange and ridiculous diseases.

Theme Hospital received positive reviews and a warm welcome when launched as a sort of spin-off for the real-time theme park theme park, EA Games Did not make it possible to plan a continuation at any stage until the official closure of the studio, at the beginning of the millennium.

Returning the crown to its former glory

It's been over two decades with quite a few other simulation titles that offered a light, slightly more accessible style of inspiration - but it's only now that we are nearing the stage where we will get a workable heir to the original, thanks to a renewed collaboration between the original producer and designer that gives us Two Point Hospital.

Although it does not bear the name "Theme Hospital," the new title includes the same imaginary hospital base as an imaginary district, with funny and funny diseases to heal, as well as all aspects of the bizarre medical center, as if the 1990s never ended.

Two Point Hospital is designed to be the first of a whole series of humorous management games

The graphics will be colorful and clay-like in style, and the game will feature single-player modes as well as asymmetrical multiplayer modes such as updated online challenges and leaderboards that will test your abilities - plus support for head-to-head animation.

This is what Theme Hospital looks like - the spiritual source of the new game

Two Point Hospital is expected to be ready for launch in the last quarter of 2018 with funding and distribution from Sega. Will it be a quality nostalgia bomb or a disappointment to the old fans? You are welcome to comment on the comments.

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