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Great and unlimited leading games: The Gaming Uplay Plus service is available for free trial

The French distributor's unlimited gaming platform Risen to the Air - giving a free trial period with access to more than the latest 100 games

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After the successful success of developer / distributor EA Games with its Origin Access and EA Access platforms, it was natural to expect more players in the field to want to get a piece of the rising market of Play-As-You-Can services, inspired by Netflix and the like in video content - And now after several months of preparation she is (Ubisoft) French which raises the platform Its plus.

Just like Access, the service Plus will give players on PCs free access to a pre-known game library that expands every month - the ability to download, install and play any title in the library indefinitely, with a monthly and fixed monthly fee of 15 dollars, or 15 Euros for users coming from Israel.

All the great hits of In one place, free of charge (for the next week) - and with availability to the Israeli market as well

The latest Uplay Plus library consists of more than 100 games, most of them home Herself and part of a smaller, more modest creator collaborating with her. You can find all the series games here , The Crew series duo in full versions along with all their additions, classic games from the Might and Magic series and Heroes of Might and Magic, dozens of games from Tom Clancy's past and present, Rayman's platform games, all Assassin's Creed series games, the action games The exemplars of the Brothers in Arms series, Prince of Persia games, and a pair of Watch Dogs games in their full and comprehensive versions.

Home Service Significantly expensive from the service Access Competitor, which is also available in a discounted base version (with access to almost all titles in the online library) for just $ 4 / month per month, but the company declares that Uplay Plus subscribers will have instant access to all new and prominent distributor titles from day one, as well as Get access to the closed beta exams of all the same games as the early purchasers - plus enjoy access to all the games and DLC content of all games, without the need for any apparent separate financial investment (which is not always true for the titles at Access).

The basic price of the service is nearly NIS 60 - but it is certainly comprehensive and generous in what it purports to offer

Surprisingly, Uplay Plus will also be available in the actual installation of titles on your PC - as well as in live streaming format based on the Stadia platform of , When it becomes officially available. Users who subscribe to both Uplay Plus and Stadia can actually enjoy the rich library of On any device that has enough bandwidth enough The Internet, regardless of its processing power, has provided quite interesting for this fascinating technology.

Worthless or unnecessary? Now is your chance to decide for yourself, because Plus is available for free to everyone until September 30 - provided you enter international credit card information and signed up for the service, with a collection that will only begin at 1 in October if you choose not to cancel your subscription before.

Future titles like Watch Dogs Legion and Ghost Recon Breakpoint are also due Plus, at the moment of their launch

The Uplay Plus service joins the gaming market in tandem with Microsoft's Xbox Access service, offering a similar concept and is currently in beta testing for established systems 10 - with over 100 games available for its own and an introductory price of only NIS 3.8 in the first month for Israeli users (which will then rise to NIS 19 every month - and in the future for a full official price of NIS 38 per month).

EA, Ubisoft, - Everyone hopes you choose to pay her a few dozen dollars each month to access her dedicated library of games. Will we someday get to see one leading service unite all the big ones? Really not sure

Are these monthly gaming services "unlimited" indeed the future of the market, or is it an unnecessary idea that will eventually fail? Let's talk about it with everyone in the comments.


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  1. A. Very strange pricing.
    I wonder who is it paying off?
    Anyone who is unfamiliar with their games - probably will not register in advance.
    Someone who knows and played, so already played them, why sign up to play a game you've already finished?
    Someone who wants to play the newest games when they just come out, and today pays full price - yes, but only if he plays every game and game they spend, and has enough free time to finish the game until the next game comes out (or at least he'll be tired of the first game and he Will want to stop playing it), and always pay full price, and Ubisoft will continue to spend faster than a game for 3 / 4 months.

    B. The "free by the end of the month" is basically just one week.
    For example, Amazon and Netflix are giving away a free month of registration ...

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