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Hitman Returns: Watch the first video game

updating: Come and enjoy eight minutes of game play from sunny Miami. As promised - this stage certainly feels extremely massive and busy, and it will have the potential to challenge even the oldest and most experienced players.

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As a bonus - here's another fresh video game, this time from the Sniper Assassin game mode that seems like a most endearing distraction from the long and grandiose main tasks.

Original article: The first big title from a big sequel to be presented as part of the world's largest gaming exhibition - much to the delight of the creative assassination buffs

The odds of seeing another game in the Hitman series sounded pretty low about a year ago, when the right-wing distributor of the Square Enix name stated it had no real interest in the brand - but then developer IO Interactive made its big move, acquiring the series that it had designed with great love for over a decade and a half. And set out on a new path.

Now equipped with a new partnership with Warner Bros. US Interactive Entertainment - IO Interactive unveils Hitman 2, which will be a direct sequel to the series we received in 2016, with no breakdown yet with the promise of providing everything the players love and bigger than ever.

The new game will include six assassination missions in large, diverse environments around the world, the first of which will be in sunny Miami in the midst of a mass-car race - and players will have far more opportunities this time to eliminate the required targets, thanks to a comeback of the familiar black suitcase available , As in past games in the series (but not in the rebooted Hitman). There will also be a new online collaborative mode, called Sniper Assassin - where you can assassinate bad people in perfect timing with a friend.

The game will be based on the same familiar and impressive Glacier engine from the previous episode, which means the system requirements are very similar - with Dynamic Memory 8, a Core i7-3770 or FX 8350 processor and newer and a GeForce GTX 770 video card or R9 290 defined as the recommended array to run.

Expect large, especially busy environments, with more weapons and means to stun and eliminate people - and add-ons coming in future DLC content

Hitman 2 will be available in four different versions for collectors and fans, and the- 4 - With a launch date already this year, 13 November 2018. Getting into your shopping list? Let's share in the comments.


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