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Three games for free: Weekend Deals on Steam

Experience a mass role-playing game and a free strategy game - and look at great promotions The latest and many others

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A new weekend has arrived - and with it hundreds more discounts on prominent games, as well as opportunities to try other free titles No Money (Limited Time).

This week, take a look at the (relatively) successful MMORPG game Conan Exiles No cost at all for the next 36 hours, until noon on Monday (23 in September) - and if you indulge in the experience you can purchase the base game at half price with a cost of NIS 79.97, as well as add your first year DLC package with Four content additions for NIS 88.68.

Conan Exiles

In addition, you can also check out the real-time strategy game for free Conan UnconqueredWho even got to say goodbye to the Its the last few days to launch a significant free update - and may be yours forever for a discounted NIS 51.76 price.

Conan Unconquered

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You can also play free in the survival-horror game Dead by Daylight, With the option of purchasing it for half price (NIS 36.97) and with 40 percentages on the variety of content packages created for it (and adding intimidating characters from famous horror works from the world of television and cinema) - all for the launch A fresh DLC package inspired by Netflix's hit series, Stranger Things.

Dead by Daylight

All Tomb Raider games get a discount of up to 90 percent of their original price, which includes Shadow of the Tomb Raider Last year for NIS 74.23 or NIS 126.69 To Croft Edition Which encompasses the title's seasonally added content, Rise of the Tomb Raider Together with his Season Pass package for NIS 33.74 and the excellent booted Tomb Raider from 2013 at a cost of only NIS 16.64 For the Game of the Year package With all the DLC content created for it.

In addition, you can choose onComplete Tomb Raider Pack With all the series games from the beginning (including the spin-off games and the various DLC add-ons), minus the Shadow of the , At a cost to NIS 151.01.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Have you collected the Batman Free Arkham Arcade Trilogy from the Epic Store? Congratulations - you can add her "step brother" and the successful Arkham Origins (Which has not yet reached the competing store) for only a quarter of its price, NIS 18.48.

Batman: Arkham Origins

The Master Collection version Completion of the esteemed strategy game Company of Heroes 2, which includes all add-ons and add-ons for it, is available at less than a tenth of its original price - NIS 33.59.

The tough two-dimensional action-platform game Death's Gambit Originally launched a year ago is available at half price - NIS 36.97.

Death's Gambit

A package that includes the first Watch_Dogs and the second Watch_Dogs (In their base versions) is offered for NIS 85.95 - and if you want you can buy the The full and complete version of Watch_Dogs Separately for NIS 39.8, And the complete Gold Edition of Watch_Dogs 2 At the price of ILS 119.7.

Rainbow Six Games Pack Interesting that includes the Medium Rainbow Six Lockdown, the classic and high quality Raibow Six 3 in its Gold Edition along with the expansion pack, the latest and most successful Rainbow Six Vegas duo and the highly successful Rainbow Six Siege (available in its standard base version) - available for a price Of NIS 107.2.

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