Continue to spend: Get the 2015 Winter Sale at the GOG gaming store

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after There is also the turn of the game store, which focuses on the destruction of the " Offering us a great supply of games at tempting discounts

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The end of the calendar year is not a particularly good time to save money, and another example of this is that we are getting these days - when Steam's gaming is just over, and they are already taking on games that tend to be equally attractive At the GOG store, The mother notebook of CD Studio Project Which brought us the Witcher series of exemplary.


Here are some of the most interesting suggestions we have found in our current operations, which are updated every day (you should continue to visit in order not to be missed) until the end of the campaign on Sunday, December 13:

  • A package with three games STALKER series The excellent ones are offered for 12.5 dollars - highly recommended for those who have not yet experienced these mysterious and ambitious action titles.
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is sold for $ 6.7.
  • BlackGuards 2 Strategy Role Playing Game is sold at 80 for 7.
  • The modest Action-RPG game Aarklash: Legacy is offered at 4 dollars only.
  • Another role-playing game launched just about a month ago, Kyn, sold for 5 dollars.
  • A package with the three Penumbra survival games is offered at only $ 2.5.
  • Renowned Explorers: International Society is offered at a nice discount of 40, which brings its price to 12.
  • Another up-to-date strategy game with a good score, Armello, is offered at the price of 15.
  • The Witcher 3, for anyone who missed it for some reason, offers 30 at half the price of its full price, with its Hearts of Stone expansion pack offered at $ 9.
Deals like sand
Like sand

Anyone who purchases games at a total cost of over $ 5 will also receive the old Divine Divinity free game, when those who cross the 50 threshold will receive another free game - the Blackguards role-playing strategy game.

For dessert, there is also a possibility to purchase a "mystery game" for 3 dollars, when you do not know what you will get - but it is guaranteed to be a full title between 10 and 35 dollars, which is not included in the other discounts in the store now. In other words, this bet may make you a good discount on the title you wanted, or make you recognize an interesting game that you would not have purchased at any other opportunity.

Note that, unlike Steam's latest operations project, here the titles on the show really change and disappear after 24 hours, so if you find a deal that is intrigued you should use it before it ends
Please note that unlike the last enterprise's operations - here the titles on the show really change and disappear after 24 hours, so if you find a deal that is intrigued you should use it before it ends

Not all prices are better than what you'll find in Or its equivalents, but it should be noted that here is a unique offer of games that come without any file protection or without any obligation to install and use this gaming platform or other - so if you are in favor of this trend that peels 'additions' unrelated to the titles, of , Even if they are not necessarily the most paid networkers.

Have you found any other great suggestions that we have not mentioned? As always, tell about it in reactions.