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Continue to the online fashion hits: Get to know Overwatch 2

Fortnite doesn't seem to be the only popular online game that gets an update that introduces it as a whole new creation

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This year's big event for Blizzard gave us not only the promising visibility of Diablo 4, but also Overwatch 2 - the sequel to the company's online competitive action hit of 2016 ... that feels more like a big update or expansion pack, than like a chapter Brand new.

A few weeks after the "end" of a well-known competing action game, Fortnite, andReborn as Fortnite Chapter 2 with a host of game features and add-ons, We're also officially announcing the future for Blizzard's latest hit of more than 50 million different players around the world - with an updated graphical engine, a new look for dozens of well-known heroes for amateur players, brand new heroes, new game maps, game mode New competitive as well as a large number of new story missions for the characters.

New maps, new enemies - and a demand for another 60 dollar payment? The price has not yet been revealed but it sounds like a pretty reasonable option

The successful American developer has made a very effective announcement for Overwatch 2, as its best, with a long, invested and spectacular plot video - and with a video game that summarizes in a few minutes most of the innovations expected of players somewhere in the future when the episode is officially launched.

Graphic-based video as only Blizzard knows how to offer us - so high-quality that a sense of disappointment arises from the fact that the company is not involved in making movies In full-time CGI

While Overwatch 2 doesn't feel like a completely different creation, to our delight, the creators have made it clear that they are not planning to leave the original Overwatch and anyone else unwilling to spend extra money in Chapter Two - both games are set to continue alongside each other when the source receives the game extras Competitive between Overwatch 2 flesh and blood players and will support joint games between the two versions. Those who purchase the Overwatch 2 will have access to the new story missions, the enhanced game engine - and all the digital objects they gained in the first Overwatch, so there is no sense of missing out and no substantial reason to prefer the original over the successor. prima facie.

Overwatch 2's backwards compatibility is interesting news - will it really allow the original Overwatch to continue to blossom alongside a newer, fuller version, or is designed primarily to reassure loud and critical fans?

Blizzard aren't ready to find out, or even hint, when Overwatch 2 will be ready for its big launch - but make it clear that it won't be long until next time we get updates on the title. In other words - devout Overwatch players have every reason to keep playing and investing in their heroes, now that they know what the intriguing plans are behind the scenes.

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