Corner of nostalgia: GEX games The Gecko

Remember the nostalgic and unique games of starring the Talking Lizard? Join us on a journey in time with a series of games that have become a kind of cult

As technology progresses, games become more graphically complex, and the quality of their production increases from year to year. But while new games of honor are in place, For nostalgic games, we all have a special corner in our hearts. In the nostalgia corner of GameGames you can join the journey in the depths of time in which we re-discover classic games that were part of my childhood and of all those born in the eighties and nineties.

This time we're going back in the mid-nineties, a period that ended with the knockout of Nintendo and Sony over any other console that existed in the market, and caused quite a few companies to close the stall and stop developing forever. One of those The most famous games were an original platform game called GEX, which later received versions of PlayStation and the PC.

GEX is a lizard speaking and sharp-tongued creator of Crystal Dynamics, yes yes the company that inherited the development of From Eidos, and was their attempt to create a scout figure for the company. Unfortunately, it has not really crossed the time barrier and has become a remnant of the past, but that does not mean it was not a pretty good series of games.

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The first game was released in 1995, and I'm pretty sure that none of the people who played with it when they were kids do not remember his pretty hallucinatory background story, which included GEX's addiction to watching TV after he got depressed after his father died in an accident while working inYes, yes, the US space agency.


After his uncle passed away and left him a huge sum of money, we meet GEX watching the giant television he bought with inheritance money, as a REZ, the master of the media dimension, snatches it into it to turn GEX into the new television sitcom and take over the world Not making it all up!).

As a GEX, our goal is to help him get out of television by collecting signs scattered throughout the stages, each stage inspired by different styles of TV shows and movies, such as horror movies, kung fu movies, Cartoons and more.

Apart from designing the original steps, his playfulness was especially clever to take advantage of Gax's capabilities as a lizard. So he could for example climb the walls in the background, use the tail as a spring, tongue to collect bonuses and more. Another point to his credit is his wonderful and catchy soundtrack, which fits itself to each of the stages.

Four years later a sequel called Gex: Enter the Gecko went out to PlayStation when it skipped and ignored the 3DO, which has now become a distant memory, and like quite a few games at that time was converted to 3D. The plot this time was no more sensible than before.

Gex 2: Enter The Gecko
Gex 2: Enter The Gecko

GEX was forced to return to the world of television to save the world from REZ again, not before he was kidnapped by agents from the government who bribe him to do it after he refused to help them in the first place Why did he need more money when he inherited millions from his uncle in the previous game? We realized that logic is not exactly GEX's second name.

In any case, the idea of ​​the game is identical to that of the first and the difference is actually the three-dimensional and the new stages. 3D has just added a new aspect to playfulness and other creative ways to take advantage of GEX's capabilities. The stages were original, with new challenges from the 3D environment, there were things to collect, a selection of costumes that could be opened for the character and more.

A year later, the last game in the series was released: Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko. Gax watches the television again when the program is interrupted and he receives a message from a girl claiming that REZ is back and she is kidnapped by him. GEX decides to save her, rushing to his secret laboratory to enter the world of television.

Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko

With the third game it was possible to get the impression that Crystal Dynamics decided to play for sure that the gameplay was almost unchanged from the second game, and the plot was lazy even by the standards of the entire series. But still, the game felt more polished. If in the second game there was almost no difference in the design of the environment between stages in the same area, in the third game each stage looks different. The game also had more things to collect and hidden bonuses, so although it did not change the formula too much, it was nonetheless fun.

So despite the fairly successful trilogy of games, GEX has not been featured in any new game ever since, and it may have been a very periodic character and was not so suitable for the modern environment anyway. Still, these games are fun to remember and even nice to play even today.

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