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Crazy gaming stories

Think you're addicted to games? Get to know the people who took the hobby to surprising and especially delusional places

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Gaming is a form of world-wide entertainment with millions upon millions of people of all ages, types and species whose way of choosing to spend their leisure time is to sink into the game. But some of those people have, let's say, more free time than average - and those people take games and do things with them that you would never have imagined, positively or negatively.

So without too many introductions, here are some very crazy stories of A little different that takes things to extremes.

Let's begin with the lighter story: Many of you have probably heard of MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and if you have not heard, then it is one of the best institutions in the world in teaching technological subjects and in training high-tech workers. Well, on the campus of MIT stands him building old 21 floors, the building of the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

For years, the rectangular shape of the building and its windows has led computer science students to turn around with a secret desire to turn the building into a gigantic tetris game, since the 1980s in fact, so Tetris burst into public consciousness. They called this challenge "The Holy Grail of Hacking" - and then one day in 2012 a group of university students finally dared to fulfill their old dream.

The group installed on each window in the building colored lamps, thus creating a sort of screen Size 9 on 17. The result is undoubtedly incredible - a huge tetris on a building at an altitude 90 meters.

Now we'll move on to something else, a little (much) more disturbing. Know the Skyrim? Obviously, even if you have not played it, it is impossible to ignore the popularity of the game. So you probably know that one of the reasons people like Skyers is the fact that they give you the freedom to act as you please and actually build your own adventure, especially with the addition of community admins that allow you to realize almost any fantasy.

It seems that some people take this freedom too far - and one of those people is YouTube called Symixable. The video he brought out of the game shows his dream home, which apart from the fact that it is so disturbing that it contains women's headless bodies, it turns out that their severed heads are a guard in the closet in this house. The heads are neatly arranged right next to each other. You should probably avoid visiting this guy's basement, both in the virtual world and in the real world.

Let's move on to something a little more relaxed: a lot Love to challenge themselves, but most of them try to get all the adaptations in the game or something. However, we have already said that some people take everything to extremes, and one of them is a guy named Scott Buchanan.

Scott decided one morning that he was finishing Super Mario 64 without ever using the jump button. Sounds impossible? Well the guy took the challenge very seriously, did a real doctorate on the game, sat and spent hours researching and making notes on each pixel and pixel, and even went into depth of how the code in some parts of his works.

All the videos of his successes he recorded on his YouTube channel, where you can see how he spent 11 hours in succession, exploiting loopholes in the game to go through a river without pressing the A key, how he exploits all possible mechanics to jump without really jumping, or How he challenged himself to collect all the coins in another part of the game without pressing any key except the keys to move.

I would say he probably would have already found a cure for cancer with all the time he spent on this study, but hey - everyone has his fun.

And we'll finish, how not, with Minecraft. The fact that people are taking advantage of his open world to build works of art you probably already know - for God's sake, someone even built King's Landing from the series of chess games in millions of blocks.

Another man put together a world map of seven full-size cities, which took no less than six years - not only impressive but even rather crazy. So what are you going to say about Charlie Hall, who over the 21 months reconstructed the whole Pokemon ROM in the Mainkraft with no fewer than 357 blocks of commands on the 2,832 area of ​​the game in the original version? If you open the map you created, you will first get to the design part of the map, which looks like a particularly impressive battleground, with sculptures by Charisard, Blastoise and Windsor. On the battlefield you will find a Gameboy console, which if you play you can play it in the full game of Pokemon Red, including famous bugs like MissingNo.

If you get out of the stadium you will get to the "backstage" where you will encounter the real magic, which, as noted, consists of hundreds of thousands of command blocks, each with a cubes area devoted to other game functionality. If you would like to find out more about how this is possible, please link to the video for an interview that Folignon edited with the author, where he describes the work process.

Charlie, by the way, is not the only one to do such cool things with the possibilities of blocks of code inside the world of Minkraft. A year ago, another SethBling, a new YouTube, was able to create an active emulator of one of the old consoles - Atari 2600, when the command blocks reconstruct the software and operation of the hardware in the same system from the eighties.

The emulator is not very efficient and does not really allow you to play on it, because if the original console was able to draw 60 frames per second, this emulator does it once in 4 hours and you can really see how each line is drawn separately on the screen, The image appeared on the screen, only in extremely slow motion. It is nevertheless a fascinating project - especially alongside the technical explanation of what lies behind it.

You have other examples of crazy things Network space? Let's share with everyone in comments.

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