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Review: Dead Cells - Dying has never been more interesting

Meet one of 2018's best indie games

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I usually do not enjoy frustrating games, the kind where you die again and again and again, throwing the remote to the other end of the room, only to return five minutes later to absorb some more pain and so on, but Dead Cells is a game where the level of frustration is exactly The gameplay is so good that until you realize that the game is not as difficult as it seems at first sight, you will not mind dying at least five times an hour.

But we'll start from the beginning. Dead Cells is an indie game that its official site describes as a combined Roguelike game with Metroidvania with touches of Dark Souls.

We play in line .. well .. the body of a dead prisoner whose head is populated with a block of green gel, that I do not even know what it is exactly, nor does the game bother to explain. Well our prisoner, goes out to investigate the prison and the areas that inhabit the island on which it is built. It's not really clear whether he has any purpose, such as finding out what happened to the Islanders, or simply has nothing better to do. Also do not build on a real plot, because the game is focused on Gameplay, and especially leave your imagination a lot of space. In any case, the island consists of areas connected to each other, becoming more and more complex and threatening as you approach the end and some of them will not be able to reach until you find the appropriate ability.

Even though most of the prisoners and people who inhabited the place have disappeared somewhere, the whole area is full of monsters who are just waiting to attack you. To deal with them, you'll need to locate a tool Throughout the stages. Some of them can be found just like that, but to get the really good weapons, you'll need to find charts, then open your weapon by buying it in the world currency of Dead Cells.

So where does the challenge come from? If you die, go back to the first stage of the game and you'll actually have to start from scratch. Well, not entirely from the beginning, because you will lose the weapons you found in the previous round, but between stage to stage you will meet the dealer you can give him the charts and take advantage of Dead Cells, so if you open an upgrade, it will be open forever.
As a result, you are going to repeat the same steps over and over again. It's a bit annoying, but the game has a few ways of dealing with this fact so it will not bore you after you repeat the same thing dozens of times.

First, every time you die, all areas, except the stages of the bosses, will be recreated in a different structure, so that each time you reach a certain stage, it will lead you to the same continuation stages, but the entire structure, weapons, secret areas and monsters will change.

Because the weapons are random, every game of yours will be completely different. Some weapons encourage you to attack from close up, some from afar, and some work better when combined with other weapons. The number of possible combinations is enormous, so it will take you quite a bit of time to exhaust every option.

Second, the game allows you to skip the steps quickly with an incentive in the form of time doors. In other words, instead of exploring the whole stage, it suggests that you run through it quickly to get to the next level as quickly as possible and open doors that will lock after a certain time.

However, do not get it wrong, in its first hours, Dead Cells definitely encourages you to explore every corner. The game has quite a few secrets and hidden rooms that besides equipment will contribute to your background story along with entertaining humor. And it is definitely worth the time you spend in knowing the stages and collecting the cells to purchase equipment and upgrades that will ease your life in the next rounds, especially in the stages of the bosses.

As you will soon find out when you gain some experience, the game is not really hard and it is very fair, and every time you die it will be your fault.This is among the few games I played in that the enemies will not cause you harm if you touch them and you can only hit their attacks, So you have enough ways to plan how to avoid and attack back.

There are quite a few types of enemies in the game, who are getting tougher and more sophisticated from one stage to the next, along with enemies of the elite and bosses, but nothing you can not face as soon as you learn their method of action. The structure of the stages is also becoming more creative as they move to the end, adding another challenge unrelated to the enemies, but this, too, is only a matter of experience.

So do not let the difficulty level keep you from playing Dead Cells. This is one of the most fun indie games of the year. And even if you are like me and do not like to suffer, it is still really worth your while to try it because this time the suffering will pay off and you will find yourself spending hours on the game. Responsibly.

Sveta S. She is developing sites and a gamer in her soul, you are invited to follow her on her YouTube channel GameGems


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