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The Duo: Great Games at Epic Store - Free for Everyone

Original Article: You already know the method - if you have an account in the rising digital store, all you have to do is log into this article and indulge yourself in a pair of quality titles from last year

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With all due respect (and some of it) to the luscious promotions that are bursting at them from now on - getting things for free is probably more pleasant and interesting than any assumption, and to our delight we have the Which continues to provide us with this warm feeling every week since the beginning of the year.

Until this Thursday, the 14 in November, you can get a pair of quality games from the latest period with an official total value of 32 dollars - completely free.

Ruiner is a futuristic brutal action game originally played in September 2017, with reasonable critics by critics and an average that stands at 75 from the 100 to PC version on the Metacritic site and especially with very good reactions from the players themselves who have earned it quite a bit (between 200,000 and 500,000 Users it owns on, Based on SteamDB data).


Nuclear Throne is a Rougelike top-shooting shooter (with a focus on randomly changing elements in each new attempt) launched at the end of 2015 - and has been even more successful than the previous paragraph with average 88 reviews from 100 on Metacritic and 96 positive reviews B- Based on the opinions of more than 7,700 users who purchased this quirky and special indie creation.

Now you can join all those fans in a few clicks and without using the credit card at all - all you have to do is just register for free at , If you have not yet registered for it.

Nuclear Thrones

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After the final pick-up date for this pair of games is over - it will be last year's challenging messenger action platform and platform that will replace them, while also holding quality and prestigious review averages from every corner. Nice gaming!

updating: The Messenger is available to everyone for free from now until Thursday next week (the 21 in November) - followed by waiting for the Bad North strategy and tactics game.

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