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The danger of addiction is clear and immediate: Civilization VI

Obsessive and obsessive thoughts, lack of sleep, long hours from the day they disappeared without notice. How I fell again, and it was all because of a game

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Civilization Games Celebrates 25 Year. As someone familiar with the game from its first version I knew how addictive it was. He has taken many hours of my childhood and has turned me into a zombie who drives moves and tactics for hours on end and can not stop and get up from the chair to eat and drink or see people in the real world. It's been so many years. Now I'm in a completely different place so I agreed to check the game again. Much has changed from almost every aspect, except from the addictive aspect. It was very difficult to stop the game in the end and go to write this review.

Civilization VI - Video Review:

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For those who do not know - it is a strategy game in turns. The fact that he works in turn should allow the player to take the time and calculate his steps carefully, get up, go do other things and come back. The computer will wait, so what's burning? ... At least you could think, but that's not the actual situation. The desire to experience the next step simply does not allow a stop. Yes ... even if your wife tells you it is no longer acceptable. Then the next will be the big decision point ... and the next and the next.

Sample game map

The goal of the game is to establish a civilization from the Stone Age to the occupation of space. In the original game it was quite clear how to win: eliminate all other civilizations or reach another planet before them. As the years went by and new versions of the game were released to the market, other options for peaceful victory were created, including a diplomatic victory as world states vote for you as a world leader and a religious or cultural victory as your religion or culture became dominant. The game, which was also quite complex in its first version, became unimaginable in its complexity. The number of ways and strategies the player can choose is almost endless, so an encyclopedia or as it is called in the game, "Civilopedia," is needed to understand what is going on around you and how to proceed.

Map of the game in Civilization I
Map of the game in Civilization I
Once life was simpler…
Image source: Wikipedia

The game requires a long learning process and for this purpose the developers have created Tutorial - a preliminary training game for the novice player. You can set up the tutorial for a user whose game Civilization is new to, or a user who is familiar with it from previous versions. To freshen up after years of absence from the game, I went through some of the training, and unfortunately, the quality control people seemed to have skipped it a bit during the tests. At the beginning of the tutorial, a video appears, which at least in my case is shown when the corner of the screen is white excess. The arrows pointing to the places where the player is pressed sometimes indicate a different place than necessary. It also happened that the tutorial got stuck and needed to start from the beginning, which makes it the most difficult problem: I couldn't find a way to keep the tutorial where I left off. Because of the complexity of the game, it is a very long training and the fact that it is impossible to stop and continue afterwards is particularly problematic. Game makers may have thought that their target audience was old players and therefore invested less in appealing to new players. In any case, even if you are new there is no reason to worry - even in a regular game there is a clear tutorial that will allow you to progress and, of course, save a game.

The figure of Gilgamesh is the leader of Sumerian civilization. Before starting the game you should choose the right leader.

For Civilization veterans wondering what has changed in the new version, the answer is - a lot ... The animation and graphics have been upgraded, but in my opinion - to old-fashioned graphics players less than a year, because the tension and concentration are the same at every resolution or number of frames per second. One of the major changes in gambling is the ability to choose a policy within the state's system of government. The policy has significant implications for your abilities and is progressing as science advances in the game. In previous versions, those who advanced scientifically could easily win with advanced units. Scenes in which people with arrows and bows are seen fighting an enemy invader with rifles were commonplace in the game. Through advances in specific war policies, the archery people in some cases have some chance of causing much damage.

A political meeting with Cleopatra
A diplomatic meeting with Cleopatra in Egypt

Another change in the game is the construction progress in the open spaces. The builders finish their work in one queue without waiting for a long time, but can build a limited number of improvements until they die, probably from exhaustion. The game also added districts outside the city, so that construction of buildings is not necessarily within the point where the city sits but in the open space. If there is no space, it can be bought if the economic situation of civilization allows it.

The changes and improvements introduced in the new versions over the last few years are very complex and quite confusing. It's hard to contain the vast amount of information an experienced player requires. But even if you don't have the patience to start reading "Civilopedia" and understand every unit and policy you've written - you'll still get a fascinating and addictive game in every sense of the word. If you have a lot of free time - don't hesitate. If you need to study, work or raise children - be careful. Weaning is difficult.

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  1. I sat for seven hours straight. Can't remember another computer game I could sit on so much.
    I unfortunately haven't found time to sit on him since then :(

  2. As a veteran actor of the series, this game is broken and unbalanced in terms of technology and culture trees and the artificial intelligence of opponents is horrible until nonexistent. Some things that you notice only after many hours of gameplay and Shlomo hasn't played in the past will take even more notice, but in the end this game requires a pretty serious fix and is much less balanced 5 device and 4 released on the market.

    Notice how after a few days all the old players in the sets lowered his rating to negative. Many of the ideas need improvement. Let's hope the company fixes it and soon ...

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