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Dante, Vergil and Friends: Devil May Cry returns in enhanced version with 5 figures

An upgraded version of the fourth game of the Capcom series of action will arrive this summer And for the new consoles - with a challenging 'turbo' mode and no less than five different characters you can play with

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After users of the new generation consoles of Sony and Microsoft received Improved version of the latest title in Devil May Cry Renowned (and excellent, in most cases) - Capcom is also turning to its predecessor, Devil May Cry 4, which will reach the modern systems Upgraded version Not only in the visual aspect, but also with a much greater variety of playfulness itself.

Unlike the original version of Devil May Cry 4, in which you could play the young Nero (in his first and last appearance in the series, so far) or the familiar and good Dante, the new Special Edition will feature an unprecedented selection of five characters - Nero, Dante, his brother Dante and Regil's twin, as well as Trish and Lady who appeared in the first and third games of the series respectively.

At Capcom, the additional characters declare that it will not only be a slight visual change - but will offer entirely different capabilities and weapons that will require the player to adjust his strategy. In addition to the characters, the new version will offer moderate visual improvements (no resolutions For the, Unfortunately), some bug and game fixes, and turbo mode that sounds interesting enough, and offers experienced players to try their luck at a speed that is higher than the standard 20.

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition is designed to land on 26 in June on 2015 on PC and PlayStation 4 and - Let's hope that CapCom will be able to match this version with an attractive price tag, which will win not only those who have never experienced the title (and the most burnt fans), but also those who have already purchased the game and may be interested in another polished round.


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