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Now at the Humble Bundle: Ten quality games at a meager price

Pack New offers a variety of interesting indie titles at prices of a few shekels per person

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The tiny American Indie distributor has launched a collaboration with the Humble Bundle project Which we like so much-which means that we all get the chance to enjoy a nice and popular caftan at a floor price, even more than usual.

The format rules many of you already know, when the opportunity starts from the payment of one dollar, about four shekels, which gives access to four games: Punch Club, The Final Station, SpeedRunners and Diary of a Spaceport Janitor.

speed Runners

If you pay a higher than average cost, which currently stands at $ 7.67, you will also receive the ClusterTruck, Party Hard and Hello Neighbor games - plus the High Crimes content package for Party Hard and the current Streets of Rogue action title In the Early Access program that provides access before the development is fully completed.

cluster Truck

If you pay the maximum amount of $ 13, you will complete your selection together with the title Party Hard 2 and together with the unique Graveyard Keeper management game launched last year. All in all, the content is worth $ 164 dollars sold in less than a tenth of the same price - a cheap that you can not find anywhere else on the net.

Graveyard Keeper

All games in the package are available through the Steam-based computers platform , And eight out of ten are also available for MacOS or systems , In favor of maximum flexibility for potential buyers. The offer will be available in the next two weeks, until Tuesday the 4 in the evening. Gaming is fun!

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