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Deserves all praise: What Remains of Edith Finch

Get to know the piece that will prove to you that the world of adventure games is still alive and kicking

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What would you do if a curse fell upon your family, and each of them would have died in mysterious circumstances? Did you have the courage to go back to the house and investigate the real story behind these strange deaths?

Well, such an experience you can experience in What Remains of Edith Finch - an indie game from the Giant Sparrow studio, which follows the story of Edith, the last descendant of the Finch family, to her family's home after her mother's passing. Edith, who grew up in the same mysterious, curious house now that no one was left to find out what caused the deaths of her brother and the rest of the family until a few generations back, since during her childhood the circumstances of death were hidden away, and she grew up in locked rooms that belonged to the dead family, Alongside the belief that her family is cursed.

I must point out from now on that this is a game which is the so-called "walking simulator". There are no real games here and there are almost no puzzles, but you play through the plot and experience what the main character experiences, through the huge and intriguing home exploration of the Finch family, discovering the various details about her family and entering their memories, and so on.

The plot will lead you through the various rooms of this special and huge house, and will let you know the tenant if each room belonged closely. Each room is designed differently and characterizes the same person, allowing you to discover how the curse (or perhaps something else) took his life.

This discovery is made possible by different memories that the game will bring you to, described from the perspective of the dead, who can be adults, children and even a baby. all This is a special experience that is completely different from one family member to another, and it will cause your feelings to move between horror and joy and may even cause you to shed a tear.

For example, one of the memories of a little girl who died long before Edith's time will let you come in from a chilling story that is not sure whether it is magic or that it was actually a dream of the girl, in which one night she wakes up and feels a terrible need to eat, and every time she eats, Until eventually something devours her. What's special about memory is that you control them And promote the story, and not the spectators, which makes you feel really part of this strange experience.

Another memory will put you in the shoes of a young girl, through a booklet Who was drawn to her death and the experience passed through his pages in a really cool way.

There is no doubt that one of the interesting points of the game is to guess what you are going to experience this time and how to show the last moments of the next tenant.

Overall, this is a game that is one thrilling adventure, even if a short one, that won't take you more than two hours to finish it. But if you want to experience something different, you should definitely check out the game.

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    1. It was one of the best scenes of the game. Part of doing this review is to pass the experience without destroying the XD game

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