Despite the comeback, Sony is still defeating Microsoft in the world of HWzone consoles
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Despite the comeback, Sony is still defeating Microsoft in the world of consoles

After a few months in which there seemed to be a chance of a reversal, recent data indicate that the E- 4 still controls the market by a margin that is more than double

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In the second half of 2016, we began to receive reports that after the launch of the reduced and improved Slim version, cost cuts, expansion of back-end support for the previous generation, and expansion of software capabilities with more applications - the console At last she began to pass the console, 4 in some monthly sales indices, for the first time since the two were launched at the end of 2013.

Some sources believed that this was the key point in the balance of power between Sony and Microsoft Their game will change, but the data we get last year's full final quarter makes it clear - and the 4 still leads the way, with a huge difference.

Both are successful and successful - but one is still sold at twice the rate, According to an independent source

The 2016 civilian shopping season was extremely successful for both Microsoft and Sony, with the two consoles enjoying particularly large-scale sales that actually managed to break sales during that period in 2014 and 2015 years, thanks to the launch of updated and discounted versions and libraries Quality games that continue to grow - but with respect to, The real champion of this period was the - 4, which was greatly strengthened with the launch of the slim version, the enhanced Pro version, VR that provide an experience that does not exist in any other TV console.

Sony enjoyed total sales for all models 4 which reached 9.7 million units between October 2016 and December 2016 - which is not only a new record for the current generation, but actually a new record for the company for the All since it was launched more than 20 a year ago: breaking the peak achieved by the console - 2 at the end of 2003 (with sales of just less than 8.8 million units).

Sony's best quarter in the consoles field made it clear to us that the company's comeback This is only temporary

Following the end of this impressive year, a recent report states that PlayStation 4 models now stand at about 55 million units in total - compared to only 26 million units that they managed to sell from Microsoft models its. It is worth noting that also the figure of Is highly respected and gives its gaming business a pretty good profit, but on the other hand Sony's figure is phenomenal, and in fact continues to accelerate the pace of sales of the console - 2, the most successful home console ever that has reached sales volume of more than 157 million units (!).

The launch of two new versions for the console, a head-to-head leap into virtual reality technology and a price- 4 make a big rebound

If we assume that Sony will continue to sell the PlayStation 4 for at least half a decade, perhaps with a few minor updated versions such as the current Pro model, it seems likely that it will create the new home market champion - when Microsoft might as well Make the For the Which is the most successful to this day, should it continue this volume in the foreseeable future.

Sony will probably continue to lead safely and maybe even increase the gap from its rival in the coming months, with our eyes now on, it seems, towards the end of the 2017 end of the season - so we will see the launch of Project Scorpio, the material upgrade for the Which is supposed to be more significant than Sony has done for its console, positioning Microsoft for the first time in the position of technical performance leader in the field. We still do not know what the price of this product will be or how much more powerful than what we now know it will be, but it seems that if there is anything that can tip the scales significantly for the benefit of the camp, - It's just this product.

How does the launch of the new generation console from Nintendo and the launch of the mysterious Project Scorpio change the situation in 2017? Expect more updates from us in the not too distant future

So how about - , 4 or maybe both? Let us share your reactions.


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  1. At the time, Xbox 360 was the most faulty console in history (up to a third of the devices would have gone within a year). Maybe it affected.

  2. We moved from Sony to Xbox 1, complicated us login, gaming, we still couldn't run a second sign ... (pretty new on the matter), at Sony (2) everything was pretty simple. I guess the kids will figure out how to manipulate everything long before.

  3. Games Exclusive Tin. No wonder they do not sell. Enough of the last of us and Xbox to hell. No investment in the community and no interesting game.

    They sold less than half.

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