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Is Destiny finally on its way to personal computers?

Is the new and popular title of the creator Finally found on his way to PC? Based on the description of a new job opened at the Bungie developer, it seems.

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Interested in a job?
Interested in a job?

Destiny is a mass action game launched on previous generation consoles and current generation consoles And Sony almost a year ago. While the majority of visitors did not fall off their feet, they gave the title a lukewarm average score of 75 from 100. The players themselves voted with their feet and bought millions (or tens of millions) of copies that helped make the game profitable within half a year, !).

As befitting a game that sees itself as a mass game, Destiny continues to enjoy updates and free and frequently added content packages that help him maintain an extensive community today. Will soon be able to gamers of the world - To join this celebration? Let's hope so, because the time has come.


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  1. Free content packages? Ha. Although not paid engine, but if you want to enjoy all the content released it is an expense of 110 dollars. Each package costs about 15 to 40 dollars. Destiny is a piece of money squeezer and testimony to some fools who are gamers who are willing to pay dlc various prices. People forget that once all of them called the bonus pack and it was coming for free and the 20 dollar expansion pack was worth half a game and no more 4 maps.

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