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Surprising: Cooperation between game creators and pirates

A game hacking group sells pizza to the Title Network - with the consent and blessing of its creators. Is this the beginning of a wonderful friendship?

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Most often, we find those who invest their time, money and experience in creating games and those who invest their time and abilities to break through and allow their free distribution and download from both riverbanks of the gaming world, in conflict and constant fights. But it turns out that sometimes it is also possible to do a little differently - a method that will benefit both parties.

A hacking group called REVOLT, which is headed by a season-ending man named Voksi (who became famous for overcoming the fourth-generation Denuvo Company's defense), "pizza" a special pirate version of a modest action game called Serious Sam's Bogus Detour, launched last year and offered on the Steam platform And the GOG store - when the change is That the distribution was approved by Crackshell developer.

A game that has not received enough attention from the "legal" audience can flourish in the pirate community?

Despite positive reviews from those who did, Serious Sam's Bogus Detour failed to gain significant interest in the busy gaming market and remained a loss of investment - which brought the intruder in question (who is very fond of the Serious Sam Games of their generation and even participated in the beta of the title in question) to offer an unusual appeal To the pirate crowd.

Have you tried SSBB already?

The game has been offered for download in a pirated version to a large audience of consumers who do not pay for their gaming, along with their conscience and request to legally purchase the title to support creators, after downloading and experimentation without any obligation - something that also appears in a text line in the game itself in "pirated" version this.

The hacked version released is not the most up-to-date - and includes a permanent caption urging downloaders to purchase the game with their own money

It is hard to assess whether this approach will really make Serious Sam's Bogus Detour a success story, but we will stick with it - and hope it can bring more creators to try and collaborate with this non-traditional audience rather than ignore it or try to eliminate draconian actions that sometimes offend legitimate consumers .

It's worth mentioning that we also saw the developers of the horror-survival game Darkwood offer his free download via the BitTorrent platform for those who didn't have enough money to purchase last year - so maybe this is a mini-revolution's buds here? Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments.

We have already seen another indie game that was distributed in a hacked version at the initiative of its developers, as part of an aspiration to trust the great cast community


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  1. It should be noted that Voksi is not a pale blue tallit!
    His choice makes me wonder about the same collaboration because it was that he had some viruses in the hack (whose first name appeared on them and not REVOLT's) that he made to 2 games, and no other group (CPY or CODEX) that exposed him and his fingerprint…. He was able to harness a considerable number of processors for the purpose of mining coins. _ (So you realize it is MINER there)
    _ (If I remember correctly it was in the MAD MAX game and another that followed or before it) (In my opinion the other game was METAL GEAR SOLID) Don't catch me in the word (Massive use of stamps in the past shows its signals today, so don't catch me in the word, can make a mistake .. but not in the whole scene).

  2. So Gandalf joins hands with the troll….
    The Messianic days have come…
    Wearing a black "hat" with a white "hat"…
    Or maybe at night they play in a swap…. (: And roles….):
    Who just didn't get out of it with some fucking genetics ……
    That's how children in the family do….

  3. PS: And if "hats" in color are our business ...
    Put a "hat" you probably won't reproduce….
    In English, such a product is called "Abominacien".

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