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Dinosaurs, Zombies and Harp Mountain: The Specials of Steam

Let's celebrate Passover with new games and prices On the large gaming platform

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The holiday of freedom is already here, and you are free to take advantage of the opportunity to renew your gaming library on the platform of WALAV with a number of quality and interesting pieces. Ready? The most prominent suggestions are before you.

On the occasion of the launch of a new game from the Polish company Techland, God's Trigger (which receives good visitor ratings), deep discounts are offered for the previous hit of the developer and distributor - Dying Light The premium is sold in NIS 50.98 in its base version or in the enhanced version 67.48, which also includes the following extension package.

Dying Light Enhanced Edition

Title of Alternative and Sold Sports Rocket League Available at discounted 40 percent of its full price - 44.37 NIS.

A game of construction and management rich in prehistoric reptiles Jurassic World Evolution Offer at a discount of not less than 65 of its original price for 57.39. Big fans will also be able to choose the premium version of the game with three DLC packages at the price of NIS 137.41.

Jurassic World Evolution

Another management game is offered cheaply - Planet Coaster Which allows you to build and manage the best amusement park available at the price of 59.48 shekels.

The game of survival and action online ARK: Survival Evolved, Which also includes a very large amount of different dinosaurs, is offered for 75.98 shekels.

The refreshing role play Hand of Fate 2 Which was launched about a year and a half ago and sold at a discount 40 percent - with a tag cost of NIS 66.57. also Hand of Fate The original is available at a large discount, at a price of only NIS 18.48.

Hand of Fate 2

The special adventure game Return of the Obra Dinn, Which is unlike anything out there thanks to three-dimensional graphics consisting of only two shades, is now sold for NIS 55.46.

Strategy and management game Dungeons 3, Which enjoys particularly positive responses from the audience with 94 positive review percentages, is available at 30 percent of its original price - 44.98 NIS, with additional discounts of between 25 and 50 per cent for each of its five expansion packs.

Dungeons 3

The package includes four battle titles from the series BlazBlue The favors are available together at a total price of NIS 63.68 - with large discounts of 75 percent and even 85 percent on each of them separately.

The 2D action game Guns, Gore and Cannoli וContinue Are available at tiny prices of NIS 9.24 and NIS 23.97 respectively.

Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2

The refreshing strategy game Wartile, Which is designed as a kind of desktop game with miniature miniature figurines, can be yours at the price of 44.37 shekels - a discount of 40 percent of the full price.

The violent motorcycle racing game Road Redemption, Which is a remix for the classic Road Rash games from the 1990s, is offered at the price of NIS 33.27.

The beautiful adventure game Submerged Is offered at a discount sale of 90 percent of its full price - 7.39 NIS.

Role playing Vaporum, Which combines a style of movement and a classic tile-and-tile-based battle with a Steampunk-style universe, is sold at half price - 36.97.


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