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Endless discounts: Summer's summer operations have begun

Discounts on tens of thousands of different titles await you in the biggest online gaming store in the next two weeks

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Earlier this year, Steam platform reps told us that your system has crossed a particularly high threshold and now includes more than 30,000 titles - and many of them are now available at discounted prices in the digital store's traditional summer deals, this time under the 'Grand Prix' mark A nice meta-game Which offers gamers to participate in races along with friends.

As in projects In the past, we also arranged for you to have a detailed and detailed list of the most popular and popular deals that will accompany us until Tuesday, the 9 in July. Pleasant shopping!

Anyone who has not tried the madness of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, either PUBG, PCs are being given the opportunity to do so now, at half the original price - NIS 44.12.

Pack Borderlands: The Handsome Collection The great one that features the second and third games in the series along with all their DLC content is available once again for a particularly hilarious price - only NIS 21.47.

The wonderful new action game from the creators of Dark Souls, who answers there Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Is available at a small discount of 20 percent - with a price tag of NIS 176.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Role playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker Which helped create the famous Chris Avalon available at half price, 74.97 Shekels.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Enhanced Edition

The wonderful humorous management game Two Point Hospital Available for NIS 74.97, with additional 20 discounts for its DLC extensions. A complete package that includes the game and its expansion pack pair Will cost you NIS.

Two Point Hospital

The ambitious role playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance Is offered at the price of NIS 66.57, with additional discounts of between 14 and 38 percent for the DLC content that was launched for it last year.

Devil May Cry 5 The best since the beginning of the year is available at a discount of one-third of its full price for NIS 189.42.

Adventure-horror-stealth game A Plague Tale: Innocence Who enjoys 94 positive reviews from players is already available at a quarter of the recommended price - NIS 134.25.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Title of the sold action My Friend Pedro Which was officially launched only a few days ago, was sold at a reduced price of NIS 62.86 instead of NIS 73.95.

My Friend Pedro

Title of the battles SoulCalibur 6 Originally launched just over six months ago is now available in one-third of the price, or 72.27 shekels.

Adventure and action game Darksiders 3, Also last year, sold for NIS 76.48 - or NIS 105.57 Along with the revised versions of the previous two chapters of the brand.

Role playing and challenging survival Outward It is possible to purchase at the discount 40 percent of the full price, for NIS 89.97.

Title of races Project Cars 2 Sold for NIS 53.25. Want more? The title is also wonderful Assetto Corsa Available at a reduced cost of ILS 25.88 only.

Jovisoft's crazy role-playing game, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Participates on 90% discount (!) Of the official price, in 23.9 NIS only. The most cheap to this day and pays well to all lovers of the animation series wherever they are.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Sniper Elite 4 Launched in the year 2017 is sold assuming 80 percent of its full price, for only 45 shekels. Want all the popular sniping series games? You can purchase them in a package Ownership of ILS 154.52.

The title of the violent and bleeding 2D platform Katana Zero Which holds 97 positive percentage of reviews on the platform is sold at the price of 41.96 shekels.

Katana Zero

Space strategy game Star Control: Origins Offered at only NIS 37.72, instead of ILS 110.95 in normal days.

Have you found any more interesting deals that we have not mentioned? Let's tell them all about the reactions!


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  1. For those who haven't tried BORDERLANDS yet.
    Only NIS 22.
    Let's have some abnormal fun !!!

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