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Skyrim's developer introduces a surprising sense of humor

Self-awareness is also important: Watch the funny and great trailer for Skyrim: Very Special Edition

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Between all The real games Which Bethesda presented to us at its press conference at, One game stands out as "a bit" unusual - both because it doesn't really exist, and because it proves to some extent that the company has not ignored the criticism that has been heard about it over the past few years due to decisions to "recycle" some of its creations and re-launch them at a high price.

Developer and distributor collaboration with popular comedian Keegan-Michael Key has created a fictional advertisement for another version of Skyrim's mega-successful role-play - this time through imagination and voice commands only, along with no other from Amazon's smart assistant, Alexa. You can probably already imagine that the whole thing sounds a little ridiculous, and the video doesn't end before we even get a "glimpse" of other versions: for a erasure board, for nostalgic Paige devices of And for smart refrigerators, naturally.

It's nice to see that there are big companies in the market that aren't afraid to show a little humanity and sense of humor - not just in the traditional online tensions on April 1st. And now it remains to be hoped that we will no longer see real new versions of Skyrim, but only Work on the sequel.

The joke about playing in way Not just an advertisement - it's the ability you can add and try with your personal assistant if you want

Another surprising game in the world of the series of Elder Scrolls that will come this year in practice is Blades, which will bring the brand (almost) fully to the mobile market on - Android. Compress all the rich and captivating world of games like Oblivion and Into the small screen of the smartphone may be something that was considered impossible, but it seems that the original creators entrusted with the mission were able to find the highway.

While the game will not offer as full an open world as it does on home platforms, it does seem to be able to distill the most important and familiar experiences into a number of successful dedicated game modes - and it will do so free of charge as a basis, for all the skeptics who want to experiment on their own before deciding whether there is a product here proper.

While waiting for the long Elder Scrolls 6 - this mobile alternative may be an interesting solution for the Middle Ages

Early registration to integrate Blades future beta exams Is already available on Bethesda's website, And the official launch date is scheduled to arrive later in the year 2018. Are you planning to try this game? Let's share and talk about it in comments.


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  1. The less they laugh at themselves, they laugh more at men who don't allow them to play on the computer, so they look for alternatives ...

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