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Shopping time: The games you should check out

updating: Not just Dead Space at no cost - there are now too Makes great discounts at the EA Games Origin Store, Which gives you the chance to get games like Star Wars Battlefront 2, FIFA 18, 1 at discounts of over 60 percent of the original prices. Definitely worth checking out!

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The original article: online gaming stores are returning to celebrate Chinese New Year with a variety of prices That fit everyone

You've been waiting for the best opportunity to grow your digital gaming library back in the new year - you may well have received it now, as part of many thousands of promotions at Steam's Landing on our Chinese New Year, which will be the dog year. Without saying it, Here are some of the most interesting deals Which you can find in the huge store right now.

The Witcher 3: The finest and most celebrated Wild Hunt in its complete Game of the Year version, along with the pair of quality extensions created for it - is available at a cost of NIS 76, which is a must for anyone who has not yet experienced it for any reason.

A good time to start wasting

Dark Souls The successful and brutal 3 sold at a quarter of its full price, 53.

The stylish action game Nioh launched for personal computers a few months ago is sold at a discount of 133 new shekels.

Nioh: Complete Edition

The latest adventure game starring the only Lara Croft, Rise of the (Along with bonus missions for the 20 branded birthday celebrations), is offered at a third of its price - NIS 74.

The massive strategy game and the addictive Civilization 6 sold for half the price, NIS 112.5 - and at the same time also promoted Civilization 5, in full version with all expansion packs, available for new NIS 73.

The toughest and toughest platform game Cuphead is sold at a lower price than in the past, 63 shekels that definitely justify the investment.

Tekken 7 is also available in half of its normal price, 88.5.

Tekken 7

Title of the successful realistic action Arma 3, in the expanded Apex version along with all the plugins created for it, sold for 85 new shekels. Interested parties can also purchase the base version only of the title at an even lower cost, 49.5 New Israeli Shekels.

The Planet Coaster management game, which will allow you to build the amusement park that you have always dreamed of as children, is sold at a minimal price of 42.5.

Planet Coaster

The latest Project Cars 2 racing title sold for half its price - NIS 106.5.

Please note that offers will be available by the end of the day - so take advantage of them as soon as possible. Successfully!


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  1. There are so many "special sales" in all the sites that can be tracked through is there any deal and the like. The reason to buy masts is for the exclusive games (usually indie) or if you are not sure that a game will run on your computer and want to get Refund.

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