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Batman As We Have Never Knew: The Biggest Gaming and Gambling News of the Week

New gameplay videos, official launch dates and other surprises have flooded us in these last and busy days

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בין The ceremony of choosing the games of the year Los Angeles for the event Sony's PlayStation Experience In San Francisco, the past week and a half has been packed with visions, updates, and news for the video game world - so, so you don't get confused or confused, we've collected the most important and interesting information for you in one place.

Shakil returns to the filter

Somewhere in the mid-1990s, when Shaquille O'Neal was one of the most promising young actors in American sports, the starring Shaq-Fu game was launched, which won cool reviews but nonetheless managed to build up a small and adoring fan community. Twenty years and a campaign Of almost half a million dollars later - and we get the first trailer for the sequel, called Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn.

We have to admit that, except for the gaming moments seen in the new game trailer, it doesn't look like an unprecedented flash - but it can be doubted for the time being until we know more details about this retro shell.

Updated versions of two of the best quest-adventure games

Tim Schaefer continues to pamper his fans. After the great updated version of the game Grim Fandango, while announcing the Mass Funding Campaign for Psychonauts 2, The gifted creator confirmed that Remastered versions are up-to-date, improved and adapted to the modern systems of the Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle games, 4 and Vita during the year of 2016.

It's not certain that those who did not grow up on my games The 1990s will connect with the style - but those who do know will surely appreciate this wonderful blow of nostalgia. There is now only one finger left to announce the Brutal Legend 2.

Another classic that gets several new layers of color
Another classic that gets several new layers of color

If that's not enough - Schaefer also revealed that another new Psychonauts title is on its way to the 4 exclusively, or rather to the G- VR, as an attempt to expand the recognition of the brand and the series with the help of the new technology. There is no more detail about the title, but it will be very interesting to find out exactly how it will operate in virtual reality.

Alpha in high gear for Star Citizen

What else remains to be said about , The most ambitious space simulator ever created. Which has not yet reached its beta stage but has already collected over $ 1 million in investment and user donations, along with thousands of pious players who participate and influence its development and development? This week we received a new trailer for its 90 alpha tests, which will finally offer the FPS module in question that will become much more diverse and extensive.

You are invited to watch and join the madness, if you have not done so yet.

A curious new direction for the bat man

After they managed to turn the Borderlands, the Walking Dead, the Games of Thrones and even Minkraft into high-quality adventure games, the good people of Telltale Studio signify the following big direction: A game starring Batman In his glory.

We still do not know how the new game, like all Telltale games, will be divided, seen or felt, but considering that Batman began his career under the title 'Best Detective in the World', it seems that this combination has a great potential for great success. Let's hope it brings back our trust in the Dark Knight games, after the ardent insult of Arkham Knight.

To feel like a fighter pilot, in virtual reality

Another very interesting title for the G- VR of Presented is the Ace Combat 7, a new chapter in NAMCO's action-packed arcade game series.

A two-minute opening video that seems to be based entirely on game engine processing (which will be the great Unreal Engine 4 this time) doesn't reveal too much, but the mere fact of jumping into an F-22 plane in a full virtual environment sounds pretty cool to us - so we're We will continue to follow this title, and hope that, like its predecessor, there will also be migration to the personal computers sometime down the road.

Total War: Warhammer in a new long acting video

The most intriguing Total War game in the decade continues to evolve towards the upcoming 28 April 2016 launch, and this time we get a minute-long 17 video featuring the anticipated gameplay we have in our big conquest campaign - all about real-time battles, which undoubtedly constitute the Highlight of the series.

Maybe after Warhammer we will get the Total War Games Throne, or Total War Star Wars? It would not hurt to dream.

More news and updates await you in Part B of the article.

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