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Do not miss: the hottest gaming campaigns

The end of the civil year at the beginning, and with it the craze of global liquidation sales, which does not skip the world of games. Find out what the best performers in Green Man are And Steam

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For those who do not know, Green Man Gaming (GMG) is an online game-only online store that allows you to trade in games you bought (not all) and with the money you get, you can invest in new games. The idea of ​​allowing players to sell back games also stemmed from a desire to differentiate itself from more familiar platforms such as Yoplait (of UBSoft) and Orgin (which belongs to EA) and rely on Most attractive.

In addition, the site contains hundreds of old games sold in dollars and can not be found elsewhere.
Like sets, GMG also has a game download software called "Capsule" and some games will have to be downloaded through this software which is pretty limited in terms of communication and interaction with other players and friends. However, the big games you purchase through GMG will allow you to download through Or Origin or Yuplai and all you have to do is use Serial or the code you received in the email after the purchase.

Pay attention to promotions Which this online store offers in parallel with popular and popular promotions .

For example, a long period takes place On the 25% site on all games (ends in 26 / 11 but may take up):
The code for the discount is - Green Man voucher code) GMG25-G4VDR-0ZL4Q).

Games should pay attention to significant discounts on them

The expected game Far Cry 3 Which in the meantime receives a backwind from critics And excellent reviews And released in 29 / 11 is given a discount of 30%. Code- GMG30-0S3NJ-32J92.
The new game in the Hitman series, which received not bad reviews at allHitman: Absolution Assuming 35% with the code- GMG35-FGR37-COY0B.
The game is praised Dishonored Which receives a discount of 50% and is sold in 29.99 $ without requiring a code.
The game F You can To experiment with his own blood Sold on 39.99 $, download is through .

And what's hot in ?

At the same time began the period of operations site , These are the autumn promotions ahead of Christmas:
(War of the Roses ($ 14.99), Crysis 2: Maximum Edition ($ 11.99.
(Skyrim ($ 29.99), Saints Row: The Third ($ 9.99), Transformers: Fall of Cybertron ($ 29.99.
(Flash sales: Mass Effect 2 ($ 5.99), Hotline Miami ($ 4.99.

as well About indie games:
(Limbo ($ 4.99), Braid ($ 4.99), Botanicula ($ 4.99) and Costume Quest ($ 7.49.

You are welcome to visit and be impressed there as well.

A warm and pleasant winter!

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