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Steam 's massive Summer Sale

Thousands of games are available at large discounts, some of them even those we have not seen before, from now until the beginning of July in the largest gaming store

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This auspicious time of year again here with us - the grandiose promotional season of the Platform Store Which will last two whole weeks, and you really should not miss it. So with no extra extras, get to know the most profitable and popular deals on the net right now.

Final Fantasy XV version Its quality is sold in half of the full price, 95 New Israeli Shekels.

The Forest and Survival Game The Forest, which emerged a few months ago from the Early Access program years later and received rave reviews at a discounted price of 49.5.

The Forest

Rise of the Available for the benefit of anyone who wants to prepare for the launch of the new chapter in Lara Croft saga, at the price of 67.5 New Shekels.

Assassin's Creed Origins (which requires an account To play it, keep in mind) is offered at half the full price, NIS 120.

Brutal Role Playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance can be yours at a slight discount, with the price of 157 New Sheqels instead of 225 New Sheqalim in normal times.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The popular survival game Rust is sold at a tiny price of 33 New Israeli Shekels.

Dark Souls 3 merciless and excellent can be yours at the price of 53 new shekels only.

The pre-eminent prey was sold at NISNUMX new shekels, while also The initialized is available at a bargain price of 65 New Israeli Shekels.


Ubisoft's online action game, The Division, is available at a very low price of NIS 40 - the lowest at To this day.

Title Warhammer Collaboration: Vermintide 2 launched just a few months ago is already available at a minimized price of 73 New Shekels.

The Sniper Elite 4 Sniper and Sniper game is sold in New Israeli Shekels.

Game Building and management of the theme parks Planet Coaster is offered at the price of 76 new shekels.

Planet Coaster

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