The new Doom update releases it from the Denuvo defense technology (update)

updating: A Denuvo representative has been notified of the cancellation of the use of the technology at, And made it clear that the assessment that the cancellation was "due to the exhaustion of the purpose of using the file protection during the first months of launching the product" is the correct one - without seemingly harsh conditions for cancellation and any obligations of the Company towards the keys and distributors.

This may still be related to the pace at which groups such as CPY are successful in breaking protected games - but we certainly will not object to seeing the beginning of a trend as stated, in which games will cancel their file protections (of any kind whatsoever) after a few months in the market, and will also be offered in official versions devoid of Completely, in order to give the various consumers the choice that usually does not exist today. Agree?

The original article: A few months after it broke despite its advanced file protection system, the popular action game becomes two that chooses to be proactively released from the services of The Austrian. A new trend?

About a year ago, the world of piracy had an overwhelming sense of fear and great uncertainty - Has been defined by several game-breaker groups as insurmountable, with more and more high-profile titles based on it, and whether or not the ability to download and play the game as soon as it lands on the store shelves (and sometimes even before) is about to disappear from the surface.

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This "pirate fear" continued to circulate throughout the network until a few months ago - when the CPY group came out of nowhere and proved that it was possible to beat , Even in the latest and most advanced version - all that is needed is a lot of patience, since the breakout process is long and different for each allegedly protected title.

One of the main titles that fell victim to CPY's ability was The new, launched in the middle of the current year, and now a new patch for the title, which raises the maximum level that can be achieved in the online game mode to 50, adds new elements to the Snapmap interface, adds the possibility to fill the lines in online games in Bots controlled by AI - And also effectively eliminates the use of the technology , Without formally declaring it.

Doom has been hacked - and now waives file protection services
Hacked - and waives file protection services now

A basic assessment could have been that the Bethesda distributor decided to stop using its technology quite a bit of dissent (due to claims that it creates potential security breaches and accelerates wear and tear of the storage drives on which its applications are installed) after the main profit potential of the title has been exhausted at its full price, Half the same amount - but Uses a radiator Who supposedly deals with developing games himself, suggested another angle and claimed that in - Provide a kind of "warranty" for their product, in the event that if the protected title is breached within a certain time since its launch (three months, so to speak), the developer has the ability to demand a refund,.

This argument may explain why Is the second title, after the adventure game and platform Inside (which was played with fanfare as the first indie title protected by Denuvo), which chooses to remove the use of the services of After the technology was hacked for him.

Denuvo's technology is still here and continues to be very popular, but it seems that its fight against the pirates continues with full force, with no intention of either side giving up
The technology of Is still here and continues to be very popular, but it seems that its fight against the pirates continues with full force, with no intention of either side giving up

It seems that the bursts of titles at the current slow pace will change the trend that is expanding within it You are chosen to protect almost every new title in the high profile that is being launched - but on the other hand we certainly will not object to seeing another trend in its framework after a few months in the market and the majority of revenues will be transferred to users who oppose the ", And will also be offered in "free" versions as part of a platform like So that in the hope everyone can continue to earn in a decent manner and at the same time the various games will reach the target audience as wide as possible.