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Mercilessly: The new game of Dark Souls creators will let you feel like a samurai

Japanese Studio FromSoftware has become one of the most sought after names in the gaming market - and it seems and- They will benefit from his services in the near future

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Although it has been entering into the fourth decade of its existence, the Japanese FromSoftware Studio has been a real success and recognition worldwide only in the last decade, since the launch of Demon's Souls as a non- 3 and especially since the series Dark Souls, which continued its hard and uncompromising way.

The developer has added countless fans who appreciate tough games who really don't want to hold their hand to players all along - and after the saga is over, a lot of interest has been created around its next big project. In the exhibition For the year 2018 we received the information we were looking for, and even more - a brand new game pair, in different and unique styles.

The first title, and probably the most interesting for most players, answers Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which is the new project of the key studio president and the man who created Demon's Souls and Dark Souls - and offers a similar approach that will take gamers to a fictional version of Japan in the 16 century , Loaded with samurai, demons and monsters.

The new creation will not be exactly the same as FromSoftware's flagship products, because it will not have the ability to create a character independently, contain no role-playing elements, nor will it contain any online and collaborative features as you take on more challenging gameplay that includes stealth and attempt to disrupt the enemy's posture To eliminate one deadly hoist - but nonetheless the short proclamation video offers several scenes that will make anyone who has experienced past crowns feel at home already. Expect another brutal and addictive action game.

Sekiro will be distributed by none other than American Activision, which is yet another proof of the modern success of From Software, and will be available to current generation consoles And Microsoft and personal computers, starting next year.

Have you ever dreamed of living your life as a samurai with a prosthetic mechanical hand? This is no doubt the game for you

A second and much more surprising game is called Déraciné and will be available exclusively (at least in the first stage) to the PSVR's - in which the actors will embody the spirit of a girl who is in a remote and secluded boarding school, trying to prove to the people and students of her very existence and existence there with them. Certainly might suit anyone who found themselves interested in the unusual storytelling background that accompanies the Dark Souls games between all the action scenes and fights.

If that's not enough, we'll tell you about another game from FromSoftware that will come to the West for the first time, though not thanks to the studio people themselves: Metal Wolf Chaos, a very delusional game in which the fictional character of the US president who uses the suit To bring about a military coup against him. Yes, yes, what you heard.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD will be a remake and improved version of the 2004 title to be released by Devolver Digital to, To- 4 and PCs later this year, and although it sounds like it's the farthest idea imaginable from the world and approach of Souls games - we have no doubt that From's ever-greater popularity will bring much greater interest to this product as well. We probably won't be boring in the coming year.

With a wonderful slogan like 'Mech Ameria Great Again' - you can't be wrong

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