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ExNUMX 3 - No new details for Starfield or Elder Scrolls 2019

Disappointing news for role-playing enthusiasts - the big duo that is developing Game Studios will not star in this year's Central Gaming Show

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The relative disappointment with the Fallout 4 and the massive fallout from the Fallout 76 did not really diminish the gamers' interest in other Bethesda projects, including the futuristic Starfield roleplay and the next installment of the legendary The Elder Scrolls.

The names of these titles and the fact that they have been in active development have been known for some time, but apart from that, we have no significant information about them, if they do not include assumptions or predictions about launch at 2020 at the earliest and for the next generation of consoles And Microsoft - and unfortunately that situation will not change in the near future, it seems.

The new and intriguing brand has been under development for several years, but apart from Teaser with no significant information, we have not seen anything about it

Bethesda is scheduled to hold a large-scale event in an exhibition Which will take place this May, similar to the way it did in previous years, when it was possible to assume that we might hear and perhaps even look a bit of the pair of games in question, in addition to the new chapters of And Wolfenstein who will probably star on stage - but as of now we have received a formal and clear announcement that Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 will not be part of the show in June.

The Elder Scrolls Six will only come after launching Starfield - so there seems to be no real reason to fantasize about launch before 2021, or even 2022

Classic deception tactics, or is the development really so early that no real documentation can be presented without accumulating a wave of negative and disappointed reactions? We may not know the answer, but we still want to believe that later this year we will be able to taste the dishes prepared for us Game Studios.

To date, TES 'only fresh game experience is that of Elder Scrolls Blades on mobile devices - though even the first experimenters don't come back with any good news, as it is evident that this Freemium title was designed with a central purpose to bring in real money investment to advance


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