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Excellent racing game for free now and forever - just today

The site of the venture Chooses to fight back for the generous free distribution of games - and offers the finest Dirt Rally to all demanders

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After you collect the free games offered at the (And we sincerely hope that you listened to our recommendation and have already done so) - this is your time to skip to another digital store and collect another great benefit.

Dirt Rally, the popular and beloved racing game for British Codemasters, originally launched at the end of 2015 (which is for direct continuation earlier this year) is offered free of charge, until the inventory runs out or until the end of Saturday, the 31 August 2019. The title that offers over 40 various vehicles and 70 rally tracks from real locations around the globe enjoys an average of 86 reviews from 100 on Metacritic as well as 88 gamer positive reviews on the platform.

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Rally enthusiasts, and racing enthusiasts of all kinds, are invited to join in the celebration right now

All you need to do to get Dirt Rally free to your personal Steam account is to sign up for the Humble Bundle website (or log in to your existing user) for free, click the button - and you'll receive the code for the title directly into your email account . Agile, lightweight and definitely lucrative for a game sold for most of the year at 40 dollars (with system compatibility Linux, macOS, and even virtual reality glasses).

It is impossible to know whether the available stock of keys will run out - so it is advisable to act right now and not wait for the last hours of the venture

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Other discounted racing games offered right now at the Humble Store include Project Cars 2 at $ 15, or a quarter of its full price, Dirt 4 at $ 12, and Dirt Rally 2 at the recommended half price, 30 $ - It is definitely advisable to take a look at these suggestions as well In your free time. Nice gaming!

Project Cars 2 may not be available for free No money - but got a big discount and a wink at its full price

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