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Particularly exaggerated? The original Doom has been re-launched - with online file protection

The Switch version of the classic action title that celebrated 26's birthday recently found itself at the center of heated debate between those who support file defenses and those who strongly oppose them

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The online war between those who favor DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology is different for intellectual property protection and those who oppose it have been heated again in recent days, and the center of events is none other than - The same classic 1993 action game that has long since become immortal thanks to countless mods and its ability to run on almost any platform imaginable, including watches, calculators and smart fridges.

Following the launch of the Wolfenstein: Youngblood game that also hit the Switch console, the rights-holder and distributor Bethesda decided to give players a pleasant surprise with the launch of the original three Doom games for the popular modern gaming platform of Without any warning. Sounds great, doesn't it? Well - the only problem with the initiative is that all three of the classic pieces included modern file protection, which required a connection with an account to a dedicated BethesdaNet server to access the content.

The original is coming to 2019's gaming platforms - and embracing the new market trends

The addition of online file protection to the game is so old-fashioned that users' ability to lightly change almost every aspect of it is absolutely strange, and the rage of the gaming enthusiasts is not late to come of course. It is worth noting that while and- 2 required initial identification with the server and then could work even without continuous network connection, identification with the server at 3 was a choice and not a must - although it was accompanied by a warning that some content would not be available to users who chose their anonymity.

Versions and the- 4 of the three games Do not require an online connection to work - which brings all the attention and fire to the Nintendo console

After a few days of complaints and arguments in Bethesda decided to change direction - And they declared Because the online connection is designed to enable new social capabilities that did not exist in the original versions of the games, which should be an option and not mandatory. Therefore, in the next update of the Switch versions the connection and identification option will become the choice in all three titles, probably similar to the situation that already exists in 3 only.

Cynical jokes about the subject have already begun circulating on the network, as requested

At the end of this story you can see another small victory for opponents of the, But it is likely that this is a small, controversial future trailer where game creators (and especially those who sponsor them) will strive to add online capabilities to almost every piece and every aspect of their title - also to make the experience more social but also to make it difficult for and challenge the intruders and pirates. . Reasonable and acceptable or terrible and unnecessary? Feel free to write us what you think in the comments.

Bethesda will fix the soon-to-be-created mess - but we reckon this is not the last time we have come across a wonderful (mis) application of defenses Gameplay


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