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Experience the Middle Ages Without Paying: Gaming Deals on Steam

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Role-Playing Game is available for free download and installation for the next few days only - and hundreds of other great discounts are available for you to try

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Another cool weekend of deals and discounts awaits you at the Of Wolf - and as usual we concentrate on the most equal offers here especially for you, to save you time and also make sure you don't miss the opportunity for some quality gaming for the soul.

Title of first-person roles last year, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Which purports to provide a more realistic experience of life somewhere in the Middle Ages and holds positive review averages from both critics and gamers, is available for a completely free trial this weekend, until Monday evening (9 in September). You can install the game and play it to your liking during this time - and if you also like to purchase the piece at half the recommended price, NIS 55.47, or NIS 112.46 in an entire package that also includes five DLC content added over the past year.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Also the grandiose and high-quality strategy games Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend, from French Amplitude Studios, Available for free download and play until Monday - And here, too, there is a juicy deal for their purchase forever if you wish, at a discount of 75 percent of the original price: NIS 27.73 only for Endless Legend and NIS 37.48 for Endless Space 2. This weekend you can't complain that you have nothing to play - that's for sure.

Endless Space 2

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The psychological horror game Kholat Only available for a tiny price of NIS 11.09 - and so are the horror games Husk and-Inner Chains, All of the Polish studio IMGN.PRO. In addition, the successful isometric stealth game Seven: The Days Long Gone The enhanced version is available for NIS 37.72 - which is one third of its original price.

Seven: Enhanced Edition

Various quality fighting games are also available at impressive discounts: Dragon Ball FighterZ In 53.25, they are one quarter of their full price, Tekken 7 For NIS 75, Soul Calibur 6 Which came in less than a year ago in NIS 74.46, Dragonball Xenoverse 2 For only NIS 44.25, Ultimate Ninja Store 4 NIS 53 and also Jump Force Combining characters from several successful anime series in one place for half price, NIS 106.5.

Jump Force

The role play and the action God Eater 3, Which launched just seven months ago and won the favor of gamers with 80 positive reviews, is enjoying a discount of 40 percent of its recommended price now - NIS 119.4 instead of NIS 199. Their love? also God Eater 2 Offered at a discount of NIS 44.25, instead of NIS 177.

God Eater 3

The strategy and addictive and addictive management game series Dungeons (And Dungeon Keeper's most notable spiritual legacy, if you will), of German RealmForge Studios, is also available at great and comprehensive discounts - the first game in the series for NIS 11.08, Dungeons 2 For 14.79 shekels andDungeons 3 In NIS 30, when there are 40 discounts on all the additional content packages created for each of the chapters. Hard to decide? You can purchase the The perfect package With the three games and all the DLC content together at a cost of NIS 127.16, which is a discount of over 75 percent of the original target price.

Dungeons 3

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