Fear of competition? The launch of Battlefield V is rejected

Adverse Reactions in Alpha? Early sales disappointing pace? Development problems? The new installment in the series Which will bring us back to World War II only in late November

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Series creators Are not used to being the center of attention in the gaming market, but it is not certain that they hoped to find themselves at the center of a struggle between feminists, chauvinists and historical accuracy enthusiasts as part of the way to launch the new chapter V, whose purpose was to present World War II to both old and new players from a different and unusual angle.

After an opening video that received extreme contrast from those who liked it to those who hated it and after reports that the title's early sales missed the goals that the EA distributor set - another move suggests that something around V is not working fully: the postponement of the official launch of the month, from the peak of Junck to the blockbusters to the end, after most of the biggest competitors will begin their journey and probably also take advantage of most of the initial momentum they will have.

Delay will improve the chances of success of the controversial title?

The official reason for the postponement is the desire to make recent best plays, both in the single-player and online game modes, but it is estimated that the creators and financiers preferred to avoid direct competition with the rival brand's Black Ops 4 And also in front of Red Dead Redemption 2's creators - since the original launch date was the 19 in October, a few days after the first and a week before the second.

Now with a new launch on 20 in November 2018 's main competition Will be due to the fallout 76 launch a week before it, although it seems that EA believes that the chances of success in this situation are higher, perhaps because these are very different works when that of the company Turns to fans of mass games more than those who like the "regular" action games.

Let's hope that on EA and Will also take advantage of the extra time to improve performance, combining the innovative RTX technology - as the reports are now talking about even 2080 Ti more than 1,000 USD is unable to provide a stable display rate of over 60 frames per second at resolutions above FullHD under maximum settings

The beta stage is open and free for everyone Will not be delayed along with the launch itself, to our delight, and will begin as planned this mid-week, 6 in September (or 4 in September for Origin / EA Access subscribers), consoles and personal computers. And in most game modes of creation, and then spend almost two months debating whether it is worth investing in the final and full version.

The minimum requirements for the game are quite reasonable - but you may well need a particularly awesome machine to experience the best it has to offer

Want to participate? The minimum requirements for the beta (and probably also for the final version) include Intel Core i5-6600K Quad Processor or FX-6350 Hexagon's , 8GB RAM, and GeForce GTX 660 or type video cards HD 7850 - while the recommended requirements are already composed of 16GB of dynamic memory and a GTX 1060 video card or sample RX 480 or higher.