Do not rest for a moment: the new gaming campaigns in the online stores HWzone
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Do not rest for a moment: the new gaming campaigns in online stores

2 Update: More offers at the Humble Bundle are available For the titles of the distributor THQ Nordic, Including the series Darksiders, ELEX, Spellforce 3 and more. also, Register for the Humble Monthly package A monthly subscription of 12 USD will provide immediate access to three current titles: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Mafia 3 and God Eater 2: Rage Burst.

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updating: Other offers you should check out exist DRM-free GOG store, With reductions in games such as Hard West, Hard Reset Redux and the classic Empire Earth series, And the Humble Store Where you can get lots of discounted offers from Activision and - Includes the latest Call of Duty: World War II cut by 35 percent from the full price.

Original story: In anticipation of the title role in Final Fantasy 15, the gaming store gives you a host of discounts on Square Enix distributor games - as well as other company games

6 will launch the new installment of the legendary Final Fantasy series for personal computers in March, a year after it did quite successfully on the ballroom consoles, and with a promise of high visual quality that we have not yet seen in the brand and Square Enix in general.

To mark this important event, we receive discounts and promotions - as best we can .

Do you also expect the arrival of Final Fantasy 15? And yes - this is Gordon Freeman's own skin to be given to buyers of the new version

This weekend, until Monday the 4 in March 2018, you can purchase A variety of suitable games At a price significantly lower than usual: Nier: Exquisite Automata last year Offered for 112 New Shekels, Title Title Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Sold in 23 New Sheqalim only, title Just Cause 3 is offered with a price tag of 29 New Shekels, The others launched to All available in 50 discount percentage, title of crime in the open world Sleeping Dogs sold in 17 new shekels and more and more.

Sleeping Dogs

In addition to Square Enix's titles, this weekend you can also purchase the Kurz The latest titles in the successful Dirt racing series - The Dirt Rally game launched in 2016 is sold for NIS 45, last year's Dirt 4 game is offered for NIS 67, while a package that includes them all together can be yours for a mere NIS 101.

Dirt Rally

For dessert, you can add to your gaming library Some games starring the bat man: Batman: Arkham Knight Sold on 25 New Sheqels, or 37 New Shekels with its season pass package and its added content, and the title of the quality and updated battles Injustice 2 is available at a discount of 30% of the full cost, 132 New Shekels. Pleasant shopping!

Injustice 2

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