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Tropico 5: First images from the game

The next title in the humorous strategy series looks very nice if the first images exposed do indeed reflect the real game

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Tropico 5 Was announced just over a week ago, During the GameCom gaming exhibition. Haemimont's new game in the city-building simulation series is slated for release on 2014 and, according to the company, will offer a whole host of new game features and new elements designed from scratch. Tropico 5 takes the series in a new and exciting direction - dynasties!

The first images of the game, customers from its very early stage, pre-alpha, and yet they show improved and designed environments.

Tropico 5 will be released in 2014 to 360, , Mac, and Linux.

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  1. I remember playing Tropico 3
    I was looking for a guide online to learn how to play. I found one I read the whole thing and studied the game for details and played it for a long time. After that I wanted to see the guide again and only then did I notice that it was a Tropico 1 guide !!!
    Yes Tropico 1. Nothing has changed since Tropico 1. When Tropico 4 came out I read in GameSpot that not much has changed. So I realized this was just a lost case. They want money for nothing.

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