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Four games await you online - no cost at all

Love high quality adventure titles? You should visit the GOG store and the store In the coming hours and pick the various offers that are waiting for you

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A new civic year has begun, but initiatives to hand out free gaming titles to gamblers generally continue to our delight - and if you hurry, you can indulge in four new titles for your digital libraries.

The GOG site has only a few hours left for the distribution of the title of the adventures - the modest horror Distraint Which was originally launched in 2015, on the occasion of the arrival of the XeroxX Distraction (also available with a discount of 2 per cent, with a cost tag of 20 dollars for those interested). The title has a good score of 7.2 from the 4.2 on the players on the platform, so it is definitely worth the rush and give it a chance for us.

Click here to go to the promotion page for Distraint

At the same time, you can get a great triple package with the first three episodes of the renowned Deponia series - on Humble Bundle's website - Deponia: The Complete Journey That is available through the Steam platform for PCs , Or MacOS is offered free, instead of the recommended official price of 30 dollars. We can only wish you a pleasant gaming!

Click here to go to the promotional page for Deponia: The Complete Journey

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