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Free games for your weekend

2 Update: In the new Epic Store You can have adventure and survival in an open world Subnautica, Which has received positive reviews from both players and critics with an average score of 87 from 100 on Metacritic.

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The full price of the title is $ 25, so this is a very significant benefit - which will be available to everyone up to 27 in December.

Subnautica is a work that is unlike anything else on the market - a bit like the underwater Man of Sky, but more successful

updating: is also DayZ, Which began as a successful survival model for the ARMA 2 and has now become an entire game in its own right - available for free download until Monday next week. If you like the title that is considered a spiritual father of PUBG, you can purchase it on 97.71 NIS, which is a discount of 15 percent of the full official price.

DayZ has finally been officially launched - and you have the opportunity to find out what has changed in the years since it was born without a financial investment

Original article: The GOG store, the Humble Store and also Provide you with employment for the coming days - free of charge

The end of the year 2018 is just around the corner, but to our delight the fashion of free titles distribution (whether for a fixed period of time or regularly) is still here and big - when you hurry you can enjoy several different games in the coming days.

In the Which advocates unprotected works, launched a comprehensive winter discounts project with close to 2,000 titles available at price discounts of up to 90 per cent of the original value - and as always to wink at potential buyers there is also a free distribution for the next 24 hours.

The game that you will get only for free registration to the site (if you have not done so before) is the title of the classic adventure Full Throttle, In its renewed and sleek version launched last year. Absolutely worth it, even if you are not one of Tim Schaefer's greatest admirers.

If you ever dreamed of being part of a motorcycle gang - now there is such an opportunity without having to get out of the chair

Across the street, in the Humble Store, part of the Humble Bundle, you can now get the favorite action game Lego The Hobbit, Which was originally shown in 2014 as a companion to Peter Jackson's Hobbit movie trilogy. This deal will also be available for an additional 24 hours from now, or alternatively until the key copies available for this offer are completed.

A free game that may be very suitable for big Tolkien fans, or a relatively young audience that likes Lego

The Crew 2 is free of charge, thanks to the Yovisoft distributor, which is apparently trying to increase the existing active user community. You will need UBisoft's dedicated uPlay account and application to activate the title, and if you fall in love with it you can also purchase it now, Also through Steam, At a discounted price of NIS 78.87 for the base version or NIS 118.47 for the comprehensive gold version.

The Crew 2 is a game with a lot of potential that requires a large online community as much as possible around it - let's hope that a significantly reduced price and the ability to try for free will help

For dessert, at the Steam store itself you will find an opportunity to try the titles of the battles Street Fighter 5 and-The King of Fighters XIV - and then purchase them at a discounted price of NIS 38.4 and NIS 56.24 (respectively) if you are excited. Gaming is fun!

Three whole days are certainly enough time to test a game - and decide whether it is worth investing money from you or not really


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    1. Only for the next two days, and as stated, the game can be purchased for a full third of the full price.

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