Free game, races, battles and more: Steam weekend specials

Come and get the horror-adventure game Kholat completely free and celebrate the upcoming launch of the game Dirt Rally 2.0 with a lot of juicy discounts

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Along with the suggestions of the uPlay store we told you about, you should also spend a few minutes examining the deals that are offered at the online store of the e- - Includes another quality game that you can add to your free digital library for no money right now.

Game Adventure Kholat Of the developer and distributor IMGN.PRO, which was originally launched in 2015 and offers its own explanation and interpretation of the famous DiTelov incident involving mystery lovers in which nine dead climbers were found without a satisfactory explanation of what happened - now there is an opportunity to receive it free of charge 20 dollars. The title has received relatively mediocre and mixed reviews - but when you are offered it for free, there is not much room for debate for us.


Other games offered at Steam this weekend include the title of the innovative and unique action superhot At the price of NIS 46.47 (or NIS 55.77 for the great VR version, for those who have matching virtual reality glasses), title of the new battles SoulCalibur 6 Price 131.4 shekels, the dark and violent action game ruiner In NIS 29.58, the title of the action Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Who arrived less than a year ago at NIS 44.38, the role-playing game that has already become a living legend Divinity: Original Sin 2 (In its enhanced version of the Definitive Edition) in NIS 110.46 and more.


Also, ahead of the launch of the new installment of the famous Dirt series of Codemasters - the pair of games Dirt Rally and-Dirt 4 Are available at a significantly reduced cost of NIS 30 and NIS 45 respectively, or Together in a joint package At a price of only NIS 67.48. Absolutely worth it for all racing fans wherever they are.

Getting ready for the second Dirt Rally? Do it with the works that preceded it, and cheaply